“O” of the AtoZ Challenge

Letter “O” brings us a book by Karen Whitaker. We are now over half way through the challenge, I can’t believe how fast it’s going. PLEASE try to leave a comment below, they are greatly appreciated as part of the challenge. Lastly I hope you enjoy reading about  Karen’s book.

Here is my submission for the letter “O”.

The book title:
One Woman’s Choice



Here’s what Karen had to say about her book;

One Woman’s Choice is a true story of a young female and her journey into adulthood and eventually motherhood.  It digs deep within the emotions and issues that women face every day.  But mostly, it’s a story of faith and perseverance.  It’s about believing in yourself, your choices and your decisions.

Thank you so much for your interest and including me in your AtoZ 2013 challenge

One Woman's Choice

A little more about the book;

One Woman’s Choice depicts a heartfelt and emotional story about a young woman who faced difficult decisions: abortion, single parenting, and adoption. Lingering in sorrow and guilt can be destructive. Examining the past and re-analysing life and previous choices can help one to cope with emotional pain. Karen Whitaker delves deep within her past and shares her own story to help other women overcome fear and helplessness. Facing the realities of abortion and adoption can empower women and establish a voice of strength that heals the heart and restores faith. One Woman’s Choice is a story about faith and the undying will to persevere and survive, no matter the obstacle. This is not a debate over Pro-choice or Pro-life, but an inspiring example of how one woman overcame the odds.

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Romancing The Crone by Gail Elaine

Romancing The Crone by Gail Elaine. Gail is a writer, cartoonist, illustrator, children’s book author and much more.

Gail has written a self-help book for women entering the third phase of their lives, with 100 tips on how to make the most of it. She begins with a tale from Celtic law, when any woman surviving beyond the age of 40 was believed to be blessed by the gods. They were called “carons” or crones, which meant one who is crowned by the gods. Males would compete for the favor of the eldest caron to win her affections, and thus assure abundance and good fortune for himself and his clan. This tradition was called “Romancing the crone”. Gail’s book will offer something for everyone as she believes they are on the brink of entering the happiest time of their lives.

She quotes an old Irish drinking song;

There’s a legend about a magical spell, that can make any woman feel young. It cannot be found in a bottle or a jar, or a pill that is placed on the tongue. it cannot be stolen or bartered or given, or bought with a gem or a stone, it can only be found in the eyes of a lover, intent on romancing a crone!

A fun book, full of great illustrations which I greatly enjoyed.