Bear Heart by K. J. Colt (Feb 8th)

Bear Heart (Klawdia, #1)Bear Heart by K.J. Colt

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Bear Heart is book one in this YA fantasy series. It begins with a ceremony preceding the Bestial Passage. The Bestial Passage is a test of strength and skills that the first born young from 4 of the main tribes of the land must take part in. Klawdia is the daughter of the ruling Bear tribe, Skelkra is the son of the Wolves. Jeykal is the son of the Hawgrald Birds, Ketnal is son of the Lions and Lild is the son of the Snakes.

The teenagers are drugged and taken to the Death Peaks mountains where they must each win a trophy. Klawdia must return with the head of a bear and each of the others must face their own challenges. They are given few weapons or resources and are watched by elders to make sure they complete the tasks without cheating.

Klawdia is under a lot of pressure from her father, she is the only girl and the Bear Tribe have been the rulers for centuries and her father wants to be able to hand over to her as rightful winner of the Bestial Passage. However the other tribe leaders are restless and want their own sons to win.

The challenge takes place under extreme dangerous conditions and the Death Peaks take their own victims. When the remaining challengers return to Ruxdor whose story of events will be believed? Klawdia may be declared the winner but as she flees from her father’s anger she acts more like the loser. I hope her tale continues in the second book in the series.

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