THE WINNERS! #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT Bookreview team presents: The Gold & Silver 2016 Book Awards

The Winners!#RBRT Rosie’s Book Review Team presents: The Gold & Silver Rose Awards 2016



*Cough* … On behalf of my team, I’m delighted to announce the winners and runners-up in the #RBRT 2016 book awards!

Books were selected from the several hundred submitted to our team for review over the past year, with the 24 finalists voted for by the reviewing team. These finalists were then offered up to the public for voting. Congratulations to the 8 winners and runners up!

A click of the book’s title will take you to Goodreads, where you can see reviews, and also leads to the Amazon, etc, buy links.


Fantasy / SciFi/ Horror


Winner: The Prince’s Man by Deborah Jay



Runner-up: Passing Notes by D G Driver


Historical Fiction


Winner: The Elizabeth Papers by Jenetta James



Runner-Up: Back Home by Tom Williams


Mystery Thriller


Winner: On Lucky Shores by Kerry J Donovan



Runner-Up: Rack & Ruin  by Carol Hedges

Rack & Ruin (The Victorian Detectives  Book 4) by [Carol Hedges]



Winner: The Disobedient Wife by Annika M Stanley



Runner-Up: Scotch On The Rocks by Lizzie Lamb



Congratulations to all the following finalists:

The Black Orchid by Celine Jean-Jean

Blood Of The Sixth by K R Rowe

Flesh by Dylan J Morgan

The Final Virus by Carol Hedges

La Petite Boulain by G Lawrence

When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory

Jasper by Tony Riches

The Code For Killing by William Savage

Trust Me I Lie by Louise Marley

Wings Of Mayhem by Sue Coletta

Murder at the Lighthouse by Frances Evesham

Trust Me by Earl Javorsky

What Jennifer Knows by Wendy Janes

The Bad Girl by L Donsky-Levine

Silent Water by Jan Ruth

The Brazilian Husband by Rebecca Powell

Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT WINGS OF MAYHEM by @SueColetta1 #Thriller #WeekendBlogShare

Today’s second team review is from Karen, she blogs at

#RBRT Review Team

Karen has been reading Wings Of Mayhem by Sue Coletta


My Opinion

This book introduces you to Shawnee Daniels, leading a double life and – being immune to feedback is suboptimal when a serial killer is near.

With The Wings of Mayhem, Sue Coletta has once again created an incredibly chilling thriller with a stubborn young woman stalked by a serial killer. It is a very compelling read, inevitably drawing you in as the story proceeds. Sue Coletta paints a clear picture of the main characters’ mindsets – making the readers acquainted with them – while the story evolves. I was drawn rather close to Shawnee (despite her stubbornness) and Levaughn. The characters are very complex, believable with their flaws and virtues; sometimes too believable for comfort. The story is cleverly elaborated and has a great flow. Sue Coletta’s thorough research shows; you find proof throughout the story

This is a book for you if you like psychological suspense, thrillers with serial killers, stubborn characters, and if you are a fan of excellently researched topics.

Highly recommended!

Find a copy here from or

Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT WINGS OF MAYHEM by @SueColetta1 #Thriller #SundayBlogShare

Today’s team review is from Shelley, she blogs at

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Shelley has been reading Wings of Mayhem by Sue Coletta.


Author: Sue Coletta

Category: Crime/Thriller

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 


Shawnee Daniels is a computer forensics specialist by day and a cat burglar by night. I loved how the author managed to blend the two ‘roles’ so well. You get an insight into the talented specialist (or hacker!) as she uses her computer skills to aid the detectives, and then the flip side of her secret life of breaking and entering.

Unlike some psychological thrillers where you don’t find out who the bad guy is until the end, we are introduced to the serial killer from the start, observing events from his point of view in certain chapters and getting a ‘feel’ for the man behind the murders. Even though we know who the big bad is, we are left in the dark as to his motives until the end.

The pace waxes and wanes throughout the book. Just when you think you’ve caught your breath, there is another twist and the pace increases. The author has a beautifully imaginative and descriptive way with murder scenes! I cringed at certain points – just like I do when watching CSI – and then shouted and bawled at Shawnee when she did something stupid or life-threatening.

Sue Coletta creates characters with heart and soul, and Shawnee Daniels has this in abundance. I loved her fire, passion, and loyalty. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, and I loved this about her. Detective Levaughn is a perfect character to compliment Shawnee’s fiery temperament, and they make a good team.

I loved Nadine – as BFFs go, she is great. The scenes between the two women were humorous and heart-warming – I especially loved their crawl through the heating ducts!

There are twists that I didn’t see coming and a nicely wrapped up ending. If you are a fan of riveting thrillers, then Wings of Mayhem is for you.

I purchased the eBook via Amazon and reviewed it as part of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team.

Find a copy here from or

Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT WINGS OF MAYHEM by @SueColetta1 #Thriller #TuesdayBookBlog

Today’s Team Review is from Babus, she blogs at

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Babus has been reading Wings Of Mayhem by Sue Coletta.


Shawnee Daniels is a gifted cat burglar by night and a police IT forensic investigator by day. Tragic events in her early life means Shawnee has led a troubled life and her burglary skills are a consequence of that. Shawnee has long left behind a life where she stole for her own personal gain and steals now from those who defraud others to even the score.

During one such night time cat burglary she finds herself in a home where the occupant hasn’t only stole funds but has a mysterious room with a padlock. This serves as a challenge and once Shawnee realises what is hidden behind the door she becomes a target for a ruthless killer.

Unknowingly she takes a box containing something the killer wants back and so ensues an elaborate cat and mouse game resulting in bloodshed as the killer relentlessly pursues her. There is a good amount of graphic blood and Gore in the book but it is in keeping with the nature of this serial killer read.

The strength of this fast paced, high octane thriller lies in the many twists and turns in the plot and in Shawnee’s eccentric character. She really stands out as an original protagonist. I enjoyed reading a strong female lead with a good sense of humour.

Shawnee’s past is colourful and there’s much to learn about her family and her love of cats just added another dimension of enjoyment for me. However, be warned as not all the animals on the book remain safe from the bloodshed.

The added complication of Shawnee’s love life added nothing for me as I didn’t find the male characters in the book as strong or as appealing as Shawnee and her best friend Nadine. However, despite my disinterest in romance on this occasion I still really enjoyed this crime/mystery/suspense thriller, which gripped me from the very start.

Easy to read and impossible to put down, this is one thriller in am glad I picked up.

Find a copy here from or

Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT WINGS OF MAYHEM by @SueColetta1 #Thriller

Today’s team review is from Olga, she blogs here,

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Olga has been reading Wings Of Mayhem by Sue Coletta.


And now my review:

I’m writing this review as part of Rosie’s Book Review Team. Thanks to Rosie Amber and to the author, Sue Coletta, who provided me with a free copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.

I hadn’t read any books by the author before but the description of this novel, the first in a new series, caught my attention. I read thrillers often and it’s sometimes difficult to come across a book that finds a new angle on the subject or has something to offer to make it worthwhile for the avid reader of the genre. In this particular book, the main protagonist of the novel, Shawnee Daniels, is pretty special. She is a forensic computer analyst working for the police by day, but she has a double life and is a cat burglar by night. But although we learn that she used to be a fully-fledged cat burglar at some point, she’s now a Robin Hood-like figure, stealing from baddies (mostly rich people who’ve committed fraud or come into their money by other devious means) to give to good causes. (Later in the novel somebody tells her that turns her into a vigilante, although she does not use violence and is a complete novice to things like firearms. I understand their argument but I’m not fully convinced.) In one of her nocturnal excursions, she picks ups valuables (gold, diamonds, a puzzle box and other trinkets) from a fraudster’s house. Rather than leaving with her booty she can’t help herself, and making good the well-known adage, her curiosity gets her into a whole lot of trouble. She discovers the hidden lair of the latest serial killer, ‘the Creator’. The description of what this murderer does to his victims (very twisted and extreme) made me think of one of the other reviewers in the team who used to teach Anatomy. Indeed this is not for readers who like tame mysteries, as there is explicit violence and a great deal of detail.

The story is told mostly from Shawnee’s point of view, in the first person, although towards the end we have some chapters from one of the detective’s point of view, Levaughn Samuels, a very attractive cop and Shawnee’s love interest. Indeed the novel is not only a hardboiled psychological thriller, but it has elements of romance (with some sex and all, not the most explicit I’ve ever read but not squeaky-clean either), with a somewhat idealised Leavaughn (he’s not only attractive, but loves Shawnee despite not knowing her very well, and accepts her, no matter how much she lies or the things she hides for him, and he’s OK with her shady life too. And yes, he’s there to protect her, even when she resists his best efforts).

Shawnee is a fascinating character. I hope we’ll get to learn more about her in future books, because although we get some snippets of information (we know her parents died and she was brought up in foster homes where bad things happened, and we learn that she later became a cat burglar and is very good at it. She’s also great with computers), but a lot remains unexplained. She appears strong and savvy, but she’s emotionally frail, has low self-esteem and she alternates between being self-confident to the point of boastfulness, and presenting as insecure at other times. She makes terrible decisions, and at times I wanted to shake her for being so selfish and egotistical, only interested in her survival. Because of her insistence in dealing personally with everything and not confessing to her double life to protect herself, other people suffer, and are put at great risk, even her loved ones. Her self-control goes to pieces when the serial killer kills one of her cats, and she becomes totally undone when the Creator attacks her best friend (who is a bit of a comedy character, by turns the voice of her conscience but at others completely reckless). Even then, she has a talent for making her troubles worse by talking too much and being rush.

The serial killer, Jack Delsin, is also fascinating, although we only get to know him indirectly, through his actions that at times are also very puzzling. In many ways, Jack and Shawnee are mirror images and parallel characters. Jack has his reasons (I won’t share any major spoilers but when you read the book you’ll see what I mean) for what he does, he is an ‘artist ‘and takes pride in his work (and this is reflected in the comments by some of the policemen and the FBI agent), he also has a hidden life, and loves dogs (Shawnee has her cats). He also enjoys the game of cat and mouse and the challenge(or cat and dog) and is very skilled at tracking people and reading and understanding them. The connection between the two becomes clearer towards the end and it goes some way to explaining Shawnee’s attitude and her comments at the end of the novel (sorry, I can’t say more).

I enjoyed the story, the match of the main characters’ wits ensures plenty of surprises, twists and turns, and there isn’t a moment’s boredom as the pace is relentless. I’d recommend it to readers who enjoy thrillers with a fair share of explicit detail and violence, characters who’ll keep them on their toes, and an element of romance. You’ll be scared and worried, it will make you think, and it even has its comedic moments (two bad decisions don’t make a good one, and taking your friends with you is perhaps not advisable if you’re a cat burglar). I wasn’t always convinced by the character’s changes and inconsistencies, and I felt that the element of romance and the role Levaughn ends up playing undermined the strength of the main character (I liked the ending but…). The series has plenty of room to explore the main characters’ psyche and there are unresolved issues and mysteries that will make us come back for more. I have the feeling that it will go from strength to strength.


Wednesday Wing – Writing Crime? Ask the experts on #ACrimeChat @SueColetta1 #wwwblogs

This week on Wednesday Wing: Do you write #Crime? Got a question for the experts? Today’s guest Sue Coletta has set up a Twitter Chat Hour which may be just the answer.

Sue Coletta

Thank you for inviting me to your online home, Rosie.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to connect with homicide detectives, coroners, cold case experts, profilers, and talented authors. So, as my way of giving back to the writing community, I gathered a few of my dear friends/consultants and created #ACrimeChat on Twitter. In fact, I brought one of the experts with me to help explain what an incredible opportunity this is for crime writers, or anyone whose book revolves around a crime.

Joe Broadmeadow   @JBroadmeadow

Joe Broadmeadow retired with the rank of Captain from the East Providence, Rhode Island Police Department after twenty years. Assigned to various divisions within the department including Commander of Investigative Services, he also worked in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and on special assignment to the FBI Drug Task Force.


Joe Broadmeadow

What is #ACrimeChat?

It’s an opportunity to make your writing more realistic and more interesting. The information given is geared toward the writer. It’s that perfect blend of both worlds; real-life investigations and well-established authors whose perspective benefits both the practical aspect—research, realism, accuracy, and authenticity—and the creative—voice, point of view, dialogue, theme, plot, and sub-plot.

We focus on solving the writer’s problem of crafting an interesting story with the right blend of realism, touching the real-life nerve of crime and creativity.

Who’s involved?

Experienced investigators (international in scope) and best-selling authors with broad writing experience.

When and where does #ACrimeChat take place?

Every Wednesday on Twitter.

3-4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

12-1 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

1-2 p.m. MDT Mountain Daylight Time

8-9 p.m. IST Irish Standard Time

8-9 p.m. BST British Standard Time

How to submit question(s)?

Tweet your question(s) to Sue’s Twitter handle @SueColetta1 and include the hashtag: #ACrimeChat. The questions will be numbered and retweeted to the group.

For example: Sue will tweet your question marked with Q1 (question one).

The experts will reply to that tweet with the corresponding answer marked as A1 (answer one).

The following day a recap of all questions will be posted for review and reference. If you’ve asked a question during the chat, you will be notified of the recap.

We launched on 6/1/16, where we discussed Crime Scenes. You can check out the recap here:

Since then, we’ve streamlined the process to make it easier to follow along (by tweeting to @SueColetta1 w/ #ACrimeChat).

List of Topics…

Wed. 6/8/16 Evidence (Real, circumstantial, witness)

Wed. 6/15/16 Forensics (including digital forensics)

Upcoming List of Topics…

Wed. 6/22/16 Fingerprints

Wed. 6/29/16 Dying Declaration (how and when they’re admissible in court)

Wed. 7/6/16 Courtroom Testimony

Wed. 7/13/16 Jurisdictional Issues (this is a confusing area, so we’ll ask that the questions stay on topic)

Because the launch garners so many questions, if you have something you’d like to ask about a topic we’ve already covered, send it my way and I’d be happy to get the answer for you.

Sue Coletta’s latest book is Wings of Mayhem;


Shawnee Daniels — cybercrimes specialist by day, cat burglar by night — ignites the hellfire fury of a serial killer when she unknowingly steals his trophy box.


Catch up with all our Wednesday Wing posts here