Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #Metaphysical #Mystery WHERE ACORNS LANDED by Anne M. Curtis

Where Acorns LandedWhere Acorns Landed by Anne M. Curtis

4 stars

Where Acorns Landed is a metaphysical mystery. Set mainly on The Isle Of Man, the narrative revolves around two main characters.

Lowell has become a hermit after his parents were drowned at sea, living only for the irregular interactions with a voice on his radio. One day a man turns up and insists on entering Lowell’s house; he’s been sent by Nell, the voice on the radio, and has an important job offer for Lowell.

Brighid’s mother left when she was a baby and her grandparents brought her up; she never knew where her mother lived but she would always receive a birthday card from her, no matter where she had moved to. But now her mother needs to see her urgently and she’s sent her an address for a house in France.

Lowell and Brighid are brought together for a project; a documentary, but it is the strangest production either has ever experienced. I was left quite unsure if one of the character’s story had actually ended.

This book will certainly make you think and then question what you have read. A mix of Irish myth, Arthurian legend and the supernatural all tangled into the lives of two characters, I could easily see this on a student reading list with multiple discussions about certain points and clues taking place during class discussions. As a reading group book choice, there are plenty of points worth talking over.

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Book description

For anyone who believes something bubbles in the periphery, be it faeries, angels or ghosts.

Where Acorns Landed is a haunting, contemporary fantasy set in France, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and one or two other places beyond the reach of any atlas.

Lowell has shut himself away from the world, seeing himself as something of a feral, wolf-man hermit abandoned to the deserted wilds of his lounge. His one companion is an old 1940s radio.

But this is no ordinary radio.

The radio has its own free will, tuning when and where it wants.

Lowell falls under the spell of the only voice the radio tunes to. He would do anything for Nell, the woman behind the voice. Without Nell, he would have nothing.

A gripping, supernatural tale of love, loss, a one-eyed seagull and a stray dog.

A captivating novel full of unexpected twists, escalating tension and claustrophobic obsession.

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