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We've Always Got New YorkWe’ve Always Got New York by Jill Knapp

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We’ve Always Got New York is a new adult women’s lit/ chick lit sequel to What Happens to Men When They Move To Manhattan? It continues the relationship stories of Amalia and her friends Olivia and Cassandra.

After a summer break in Brazil, Amalia returns to New York ready for year two of Graduate School. She must sort out her feelings for fellow student Michael, whom she was infatuated with last year. Cassandra’s job is very demanding and she distances herself from Amalia as soon as she picks her up from the airport.

Amalia needs to find a new flat but with New York prices she hears of a work study program where she could be paid to do research. She needs to apply to the scary Dr. Greenfield who will be a hard task master.

Michael looks like he’s hooking up with Angela, so on the rebound Amalia agrees to see Hayden, but she won’t commit to an exclusive relationship, just to keep her options open.

Is this the classic love triangle? Or is this just the way New York makes everyone feel? Hayden believes the New York pace of life leaves everyone in a constant state of want, making them selfish. It certainly seems that way as Amalia struggles to choose between Hayden and Michael.

This is a light easy read set in the Big Apple.

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