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Moon BayouMoon Bayou by J.R. Rain
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Moon Bayou is a paranormal fantasy featuring vampires, werewolves and the voodoo culture around New Orleans. This book follows the already popular Samantha Moon series. Samantha is a Private Investigator and lives in California, but she’s been asked to investigate the disappearance of Wendy Lo. Missing for six months, her parents are desperate for any news.

Samantha is an unusual investigator in that she is a vampire, with mind reading skills, plus she can go out in the sunlight, due to some fancy rings she wears. However New Orleans has an uncomfortable atmosphere which she can’t put her finger on. More curious is the warning she receives from a friend about a blood price on her head, set in 1860. A ridiculous statement since Sam wasn’t around then, or is it?

When she’s captured by the Tête de Mort Krewe and help comes from friends she doesn’t remember, Sam has more questions than answers. It looks like Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is the one she must turn to, but contacting her on the night of their most powerful ceremony has life changing results.

I loved this story, I have read the first Samantha Moon book , which reminds me I need to catch up with this series. The storyline was fast and full of surprises. I wanted to howl like a werewolf when the book ended, I wanted more!

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If I Die by Rachel Vincent

I’m pleased to bring you another book review from the very talented young book reviewer Bethany.

If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5)            ‘If I Die’ by Rachel Vincent


In this book, the climax of Rachel Vincent’s series Soul Screamers, Kaylee – a teen banshee who can predict death – must face her own knell.  As she faces her final few days, leaving her family and friends safe and happy proves to be harder than she first thought. I love the way Vincent captures the adrenaline and energy of the characters in this book. It is a great bit of supernatural teen fiction, which manages to entice its audience without the help of werewolves and vampires.

Guest Author Tracey Sinclair

Today my guest is Tracey Sinclair, welcome to the blog Tracey. Her book dark dates mixes vampires, witches werewolves and angels via a dating agency and has some great reviews on Amazon, do check out the link at the bottom of the page. Here are Tracey’s answers and tips;

1)     Tell me your name
Tracey Sinclair
2)      Where do you live?
3)      London (at the moment – I’m just about to move house!)

3)When did you start writing?
I’ve always written – I had my first short story published when I was 17.
4)What type of books do you like writing the most?
I like a variety of writing but at the moment I’m writing, and loving, urban fantasy
5)Pass on 3 tips about writing or publishing.
Don’t put off writing until you have time – you’ll never have time!
Don’t be scared of writing rubbish – you can always rewrite. You can’t edit a blank page.
Get a second opinion – or two or three – but trust your own instincts as well.
6)What was the last book that you read? How would you rate it?
The last book I read was The Year of The King, by Anthony Sher, about playing Richard III – I loved it.
7)Now choose just one of your books and add a link to it.
Dark Dates: