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Who hasn’t been Crazy in Love at some point in their lifetime? However, in this story, Anna is a whole lotta different with her can collection and obsessive tendencies, especially about germs that even had me wanting to get up and clean my entire house.

Anna is a highly intelligent computer coder that has a successful career but due to her OCD she is unable to engage in any meaningful relationships, especially with the opposite sex.

Enter, Matt Harper….

We are introduced to Matt as a healthy, strapping young gent that has his whole life ahead of him. He is also a computer coder and is Anna’s co-worker. Matt initially comes across as a bit of a player but does have some heart as he is very protective of Anna. Matt is having problems with his ankle and sees his medical doctor and his whole world is turned upside down.

Overall, this book is an interesting look at the way society reacts to those with mental conditions and those who have a physical debilitating condition and the stigma related to both. This was a nice easy paced read for me which is exactly what I was looking for in a book, and be sure to read the acknowledgements at the end of the book. 🙂

I give this book three out of four “SOCKS”. See rating system here.

One last note, I couldn’t end this review without mentioning Beyonce’s song, Crazy in Love……..

Book Description

They call her Crazy Anna.
Anna Flint won’t shake your hand. She collects tin cans. She cleans her cubicle at work with Lysol several times a day. But Anna doesn’t care that they call her crazy. She’s absolutely satisfied with her life of perfect organization, cleanliness, and most of all, solitude.
Matt Harper likes Anna Flint. He likes that she’s the smartest person he knows and he likes her big blue eyes. He doesn’t even mind her can collection. In fact, he pretty much likes everything about Anna. As his body and his world are falling apart, she still manages to make him happy.
Matt is the only person Anna has ever wanted to be close to. But how can she go on a date with him if the thought of dinner at a restaurant fills her with terror? How can she ever kiss the man she loves if she can’t even touch him?
Maybe it’s time to stop being Crazy Anna. If only she could.

About the author

Annabelle Costa

Annabelle Costa is a physical therapist who loves the following things, not necessarily in this order:

–Chick lit (both reading it and writing it)

–Cupcakes (both making them and eating way too many of them)

–British accents (both listening to them and pretending to have one)

–80s movies (both watching them and quoting them out of context while her friends frown in confusion)

–Pop music (both listening to it and singing it very, very badly in the car and/or shower)

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The #RBRT Reviewer Profiles – Wendy Doe @Circumspect4

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Reviewers on the #RBRT are very busy hard working people who give their time freely, so I thought it was about time readers had the chance to meet them and find out a bit more about them.

Wendy Doe

Wendy aka: Circumspect4 lives in Illinois, USA

Wendy posts her book reviews on her blog here:

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Wendy enjoys reading;  Romance and YA

Book Formats Wendy prefers for the review team are: mobi, or Amazon gift

Hobbies & interests? Reading, of course. Blogging and trying new products.

Reading Soft edge

I asked, “What new genres have you tried from the review team list?” None

“What genres make you step out of your comfort zone?” Thrillers, horror

“What do you look for in a book?” Strong characters, a book that makes you feel like you are right there in the story.

“Book Styles you don’t enjoy?” CLIFF HANGERS!!! Especially when the next book doesn’t come out for a long time.

“Do you read & review Non-Fiction?” I have on occasion, not my favourite genre.