Gangnam Style #2

I hear that “Gangnam Style” which I blogged about last week has now reached #2 in the iTunes download charts. Although being an “oldie” I can’t see the appeal of downloading just the tune as I thought it was all about the video?! I must be missing a trick there!

Finished reading Lunara by Wyatt Davenport, but I’m afraid it wasn’t a big hit with me. I’m a fan of Stargate, StarWars and StarTrek, so it had a lot to live up to. A lot of praise for the Author writing large battle scenes, they are much easier to watch on the screen than to imagine in your head. I got a bit lost with some of the characters too, but perhaps it was just me?

The next book that I’m on is totally different; Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne is a wonderful book about Angels from a gifted Irish lady. I always love the mysticism which comes from Ireland, it has very ancient roots. It’s a book I like to read tucked away on my own.

So when the house is busy I read other books when I can, I’ve just started; A Plague of Sinners by Paul Lawrence. Set in London 1665, murder and suspense during the Great Plague.

Have a great weekend



YouTube Sensations

Since I started blogging I’ve begun to scour the media for interesting articles. I have a whole new outlook on books I read, the radio conversations I hear and the inserts inside the newspapers.

Today I’ve come across an article by Sarah Rainey in the weekend section of the Saturday Telegraph. It describes the success of teenager twins Jack and Finn Harries. “JacksGap” began as a series of videos on the YouTube channel documenting Jack’s Gap year. 14 months later he has 190000 subscribers and his 28 home videos have been watched more than 8 million times.

Jack has a partnership with YouTube and earns money every time anyone clicks on his channel. He has used the money to finance new camera equipment and to pay for his travel for his entire gap year. The twin factor has made “JacksGap” a money-spinner, combined with the fact that both boys are good-looking and have been described as Justin-Bieber-alikes. They have tapped into the Bieber fan base. 88 per cent of their subscribers are female aged between 14 and 17.

They love the fact that they control the content of their Youtube website entirely, without the need for the expense of a professionally built site. A YouTube channel can be a lucrative business, boasting 800 million unique users a month, who watch more than 3 Billion hours of video. It now has 30000  partners in 27 countries. The partner programme allows the YouTubers to take a cut of the money their videos earn. When “JacksGap” reached 10000 subscribers they were allowed to be a part of Google Adsense, a programme to allow users to make money from online advertisements.

“JacksGap” is not alone, a new generation of “Vloggers” is growing, fulfilling the needs of those wanting accessible online media.

The twins now face a dilemma, their Gap year is at an end, University looms offering education and student debt, whilst the Youtube channel offers money, they have two weeks left to decide their future paths.