Good Deeds week 7th July – 13th July

I have been working on doing 1 Good Deed a day since the 16th April when I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. The book inspired me to try passing on some positive actions through good deeds, sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s really hard to find a deed to do, but the experience makes me think about my own actions and my own role in the world. So enough of the profound talk let’s get the week under way.

Good deeds7th July – The tiniest of Good Deed today, was asked to read and review a book which I accepted.

8th July – The chance for bigger deeds today, my volunteer work at the school this morning followed by litter picking on my way home from posting letters later.

9th July – This morning I found the 10p in my trouser pocket.  I’d found it last evening on the grass at a most enjoyable evening watching cricket. Shame the team lost another match! Anyway popped the money into my collection jam jar. Posted a book review on my blog written by a new up and coming young book reviewer.  I’m hoping she will continue to write reviews for me from the teenage point of view.

10th July -Picked my child and a couple of friends up from a school sports day that they were helping out at. Sadly the volunteering was marred by verbally abusive parents who disagreed with the girls decisions over who won the first 3 places in each race. (This was a sports day for 4-11 year olds and is meant to be fun!) Stayed after the end to help tidy up and put away chairs.

11th July -Added a charity token to the supermarket collection box where they will donate money to the charity depending on the number of tokens. Picked up some litter on my way home, but got all embarrassed again and went past countless pieces before I braved a couple of bits near to home.

12th July – Had a brilliant day today as friends were coming for tea and tonic, we take it in turns to provide a tea for the kids then we settle down for a good gossip. I’d made a cake and then knocked out homemade pizza for the kids. The sun shone and as the evening cooled we sat outside enjoying the summer in my flower filled garden. It’s always good to catch up with friends, we put the world to rights!

13th July – I’m on a mission to get the youngsters involved with my book reviews and helping them with their writing careers. Have been gently pushing, well I think it’s gentle the teenagers are probably rolling their eyes and moaning about me nagging at them!

Have a good week everyone!