Good Deeds week 30th June – 6th July

Here we go on another week of Good Deeds, by now you know the drill and the introductory spiel, so I’ll skip on. If this is new to anyone all my weekly Good Deed posts can be found using the link from the home page on the blog.

Good deeds30th June – Have been over to Harula’s blog site to read her week of Good deeds, you can read them too Finished reading a new book and began another.

1st July – Another Monday morning volunteering at a local school, picked up litter on the way back to my car.

2nd July – Posted a new book review today, spotted a friend working on the till at the supermarket and joined the queue especially to speak to her whilst paying for my shopping. This evening we went to an art exhibition at school for all the work that the exam students had been doing over the past two years, there was a selection of work showing how talented they all are, we were pleased to support the show. Just helped out a friend by lending her daughter a pair of shorts for school sports day tomorrow.

3rd July – My gas boiler was due its annual service today, the engineer called to say he was 10 minutes away, 15 minutes later he wasn’t around, I could see a workers van pulled up in a distant car park, but no sign of an engineer. I thought he must be having trouble finding my house, so instead of waiting, I ventured out in search of my engineer. Found him wandering around rather lost, so rescued him and showed him where we lived so he could get on with the service quickly.

4th July – Not much today, sorted out a book review and sent off some e-mails to people thanking them for various matters.

5th July – Caught up with my Mum today. Had a cleaning and gardening blitz today, weeded a patch of shared pathway with a neighbours garden for a good deed. Felt good after I’d sorted the clutter, have a pile of books to pass to a friend and another ready for the charity shop.

6th July – Another beautiful day in paradise! Have been doing more de-cluttering and loaded my car up with items to give to others. Delivered a bag of books to one friend and stopped to catch up with all their news, dropped off clothes and more books to the charity collection bins at the supermarket. Was stopped on my way into the shop and asked to buy an extra item of grocery for the homeless in our area, so I picked up some juice along with the couple of items that I’d popped in for.

Hope all my readers have had a good week and have felt that they could do a Good Deed for someone else.