Good Deeds Week January 5th – 11th

I’m now in to my ninth month of my year of Good Deeds challenge, where I try to do at least one Good Deed a day and I write about them. I find that, for me, this brings their value to the forefront of my thoughts. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Judith was our guest on the blog last week and if you missed it here is the link.

Good deedsJanuary 5th – What a brilliant day today, Judith O’Reilly was our guest on the blog, fantastic! I’ve volunteered to go and feed the poultry at my parents while they are away overnight on Tuesday. An easy sounding job, but one that puts fear into my heart. I shall be facing the “Killer Geese!” The farm has no need of guard dogs, they have 3 geese. The geese disregard the fact that I’m feeding them and even though I keep a metal feed bucket and the egg collecting basket between us they always viciously attack me and chase me from the premises.

January 6th – School is back today after the holidays, so I’ve been helping out again this morning.

January 7th – Have finished reading another book and written my review of The Medea Complex by Rachel Roberts, a historical thriller which I shall be reviewing here on the blog at the end of January. Great news, I survived the killer geese! I think they were slightly less aggressive because the goose wasn’t in her egg laying season when they are simply vicious! I collected the chicken eggs, fed the farm cats and lit a fire in the farmhouse boiler (tried to get rid of all of the smoke that wafted around the kitchen in my fire making attempts, but as my clothes still smell, I’m not sure, let’s hope there is a cosy kitchen for my parents return, rather than a dead fire and smoke smells.)

January 8th – Have just hand delivered a Christmas gift Thank you note and picked up litter on the way home.

January 9th – It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, so after a quick lunch I made the most of it and went out for a walk. I picked up litter and was rewarded by finding some dropped money along the way. Read and posted 2 more book reviews over the past couple of days.

January 10th – Met someone I haven’t seen for a couple of years in the supermarket, made time to catch up with all her news. Later did some Good Deeds research, had a chat to another person that works in a charity shop, I was asking what books they can use in their shops. We have found quite a few old books, not first editions or anything, just older books that I’m not sure anyone is interested in anymore. But she said they would consider any books that I’d like to take along. She said there is little demand for non-fiction hard backs and no demand at all for Videos. Are Videos now heading for extinction? Posted a book review on Goodreads and Amazon for Cleaver Square by Sean and Daniel Campbell.

January 11th – Good Deeds received; Thanked today for my review of a book that I’d posted on Goodreads and Amazon. Sorted out some books for the charity shop and others for friends who I lend books to. Lastly one more Good Deed just before bed, a late phone call from my brother-in-law needing help with a computer issue, simple for me but a nightmare for him, I talked him through the process and it worked straight away.