Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall

Twitter for Writers (Writer's Craft)Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall

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Twitter: Love it? Hate it? Don’t know how to get the best from it? I thought I was doing ok until I opened this treasure trove of a book. It doesn’t matter if you are completely clueless or an advanced user, there is something for all authors in the book.

Rayne discusses your Twitter platform and talks about increasing your followers by engaging with them and attracting them with your content. She tells you how to make those brilliant images that some people tweet and how to let others to eavesdrop on a conversation and thus gain their attention.

There is advice on lists and how to use them to filter much of the tweets that no one wants to read. Plus there is advice on really using Twitter to add content to your marketing. Perhaps you could hold a Twitter party or a contest, Rayne tells you how she achieved her success and she tells you what not to do.

I’ve been putting into practise some of the ideas already and I was really pleased when I spotted a piece about fake followers who want a free book and who are likely to then sell that book on e-bay, Amazon or worse, I just knew that my suspicions about a contact were correct.

This book definitely gets 5*s.

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Rayne  will be our guest tomorrow with some tips on using Twitter better. Meanwhile check out @RayneHall for yourself.