Wednesday Wing….making the most of those who automate Tweets #TwitterTips #wwwblogs

Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing where I’ll be passing on

observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.

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Today I’m passing on a tip about making the most of those who automate tweets.

Now this really is just an observation and LOVE ‘EM or HATE ‘EM there are those who like to use automated tweets and those who don’t.

When I like automated tweets.

I like an automated tweet that goes out throughout the whole day of a book post and supports a piece I’ve written, but after that it needs changing if it supports a longer tour/ promotion.

Those who search for KEY words

I recently read a post about Tweeters who search for KEY words on Twitter by Lily J Abernathy   She explains that if you use a tweet service like adding in KEY search words like #BookReview & #BookBlogger helps you find the tweets from the book reviewers.

SO as a book reviewer WHY not work with this and make sure your ADD #BookReview or #BookBlogger to the title of your book review posts? Then these will get picked up and shared more often.

So why might you use automated tweets?

Time constraints.

Do you automate Tweets?

Some people create automated Tweets which they release every day.

May I suggest that you consider the length of time that you are intending to tweet these. A look at your analytics may be useful to see how effective these are. (To find all sorts of exciting figures about the usefulness of your tweets Click on your small twitter profile picture at the top of your Twitter page (you may need to do this from a laptop) scroll to analytics and read and absorb, you’ll find out about how far each of your tweets reached, how many engaged with them and how many were re-tweeted)

I’m not a fan of the automated tweet – I try to re-tweet every tweet relevant to myself, but when I see the same tweet everyday YOU HAVE ME RUNNING FOR THE HILLS SCREAMING – they can become robotic tweet stream fillers which I abhor. Surely you can show your creative flare and write a new inspired Tweet each time? What does a robotic tweet say about you?

Automated NEW FOLLOWER replies

The BIGGEST turnoff for new Twitter followers is the automated reply that says ” Thanks for the follow, please like my Facebook page, follow my blog here or I look forward to you reading my book….”

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, remove these and engage as a human beings with your followers, by tweeting interesting tweets.

Also consider the need for Tweet validation services, if I see those,  I NO LONGER follow through the validation request.

What about you? Automated Tweets; LOVE ‘EM or HATE ‘EM?

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