Good Deeds Week 8th – 14th December

This is a diary of my year long challenge to complete at least one good deed a day for a year. I started back in the middle of April when I began reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Her book inspired my own challenge. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who sets themselves up with New Year’s resolutions then this may be ideal. Find a copy here on or

Good deedsDecember 8th – This is my 34th week of my challenge. Sent out a reminder about my December competition to win a e-copy of “Family Ties” by E.L. Lindley. Went to visit my parents and tweak a couple of e-mail issues for them. Wrote a book review for Goodreads and Amazon.

December 9th – “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…..” Started my morning at school receiving a gift and huge thanks from the class I help with on Mondays. Then settled down to give my time to the children. Next week they will be doing a dress rehearsal for their Christmas play, so I said I’d pop in and help them all get dressed up ready, as a local newspaper photographer has been invited along.

December 10th – It’s READ TUESDAY today an event organised by Chris McMullen to promote books which are discounted for the day, a bit like a Black Friday deal. So I’ve been tweeting and sharing the event, plus I’ve downloaded some books which I’ll read and review to share some more with you all. My Christmas themed book tour is going well and people are also enjoying my daily Good Deed Suggestions for this season of Goodwill.

December 11th – Have been working with Rinelle Grey a fellow author from Australia who I met over the internet, she has a new book out Thursday 12th called “Twin Curse”, it is a fantasy romance which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. This evening has been full of Good Deeds given and received, I went out with a couple of friends, they organised it and picked me up, we went to dinner in a local pub and had a lovely meal. One friend needed our support with some very stressful issues that she is dealing with at the moment and we provided the much needed help only close friends can give.

December 12th – Rinelle’s book is out check out “Twin Curse” here on or for a great e-copy download. Am going to look up some articles and books for my friend who needs our love and support at this time.

December 13th – Whilst Checking out the super new build to local garden centre Redfields, donated some money to Fleet Lions who raise money all over town and put on special events. Dived into the supermarket do get all the shopping I missed off my list the last time I went and bumped into a friend whom I haven’t seen for ages. Had a quick chat and caught up on news.

December 14th – A home day today, I’ve managed to clear up lots of leaves from my neighbours tree and cleared our shared pathway. Then there is my Rosie’s Good read collection that I’ve posted today, check out the Travel books I’ve recommended. Also I’ve Tweeted about some great posts that fellow writers have posted today.

My Good deed for readers to take part in during this season of Goodwill, Today, sort out some books to recycle either to give to friends to read or to take to the charity shop.

Twin Curse by Rinelle Grey

Twin CurseTwin Curse by Rinelle Grey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twin Curse is another book from Australian author Rinelle Grey, I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to read and review an ARC copy and couldn’t wait to start reading. I would describe this as a fantasy/romance. Twins are rare in this land, but when a man finds twin sisters he can’t wait to get married because he gets to marry both as an ancient law is upheld. Mianna and Brianna are of marriageable age and there are few suitors in their village because of the constant attack by Trolls. Brianna is torn between her twin and her heart, she cannot face marrying the man her twin has chosen, so she fakes her death and runs away. Brianna runs to the city, but it is not all she hopes until one day she meets a young man. Lyall instantly recognises a fellow mage, but Brianna seems unaware of her magic and power. Back in Brianna’s village the worst attack ever from the Trolls leads Brianna to make drastic decisions. Rinelle weaves a magic of her own throughout this book, the settings and the characters are well written. The concept of a magical curse and ancient rules set by Kings long ago is peeled away in gentle layers as you read through the book. It’s the young of today who must choose how they take forward the rules of the land and how they will change them for the better. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more books from this author.

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