Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Vanessa reviews The Song Of The Cypress by Tonia Parronchi

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Vanessa chose to read and review The Song Of The Cypress by Tonia Parronchi


“It’s hard to even begin to explain what I thought of “The Song of the Cypress”. This novel is so unique and beautifully written that I feel inept at writing down my own views about it.
Ultimately, the story is about the self-discovery of Ann (or Annie). A woman who needs to find herself as a person, spiritual soul, lover and member of a community. Until she dreams of the “Cypress” her life has been depressed. Following the needs of her mother, she has no time for herself. When her mother dies, she finally gets the freedom she desires and leaves everything she has in England to start a new life in a remote cottage set on the mountains in Italy.
Once here, she explores her spiritual side through an eccentric old woman, or local “witch”, who guides her in finding out about a connection with the Cypress tree that spans many centuries. The ability of the spirit or soul in this book is interesting and it beckons us (the reader) to seek out our true instinct as human beings and the role we have play with nature.
Her relationship with Joe is interesting and cleverly done, although it did have a ring of perfection that at times felt unbelievable. Every relationship has some trauma. This had barely any. Annie also seems too content in her own skin towards the end. It certainly is something for us all to strive towards.
Without giving any more away, this is a book you can taste (I got hungers pangs from some of the descriptions), smell, feel and almost touch.
My own upbringing in Gibraltar came to mind as the author described the traditions and mannerisms of Italians. My distant relatives were of mixed origin, but many descendants of Gibraltar come from Genoa. We definitely like our food!
I have rated it a 4 because as much as I loved it at times the pace slowed too much for me and I needed more than excellent descriptive writing. But, this is a personal preference.
I highly recommend this and think it should be studied as part of an English course on how to write creatively. I certainly don’t think I could ever achieve this level!”
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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Sterna reviews Dreaming Of Love by Melissa Foster

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Sterna chose to read and review Dreaming Of Love by Melissa Foster in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books


My Thoughts 5 Stars

Welcome back to the Braden family, always feels like home. If you have not met them yet, you’re missing out! There is a whole family of sexy men and woman finding love.
We finally get to share in Emily’s amazing story of finding love.

Emily Braden has it all. A successful career she is passionate about and an amazing family that love and support each other unconditionally. She has everything, except the amazing forever-love that she so deeply wants in her life. She’s looking forward to her trip to Tuscany – a gift from her brother – with a detailed itinerary for every day so she doesn’t miss a thing.

Dae Bray has happily let his life revolve around his work, going wherever he’s needed with no thought of putting down permanent roots. His trip to Tuscany is supposed to be simple; review a property for demolition and go home. But there is nothing simple about his encounter with the sassy and head strong Emily, and Dae finds himself second guessing his life choices.

Their first encounter is on the covered balcony of the villa in Tuscany they are both staying at, and Emily is admiring the view for the first time … all six feet of deeply tanned and deliciously muscled male … and the scenic countryside of Tuscany as well, of course 😉

“Awestruck. I hear Italy has that effect on people.” Um … Italy. Right.

From the moment they lay eyes on each other the air sizzles between them and their playful banter continues throughout the book, as they discover a side to themselves they didn’t know existed.

Dae convinces workaholic Emily to forget about her work for a while and spend a day with him. And as Emily’s carefully planned itinerary goes out the window, her heart starts to open to other possibilities.

“Life’s too short to miss out on the things you really want to do.” – Dae

They’re relationship is so romantic and dreamy, and super sexy and steamy all at the same time.
Oh lordilord, yes again please! You know what we’re all going to be thinking every time someone says oh … sigh.

The almost magical tree that is growing through a house, has Emily mesmerised. And once the history of the tree and its importance of it to the community of woman who live there is revealed to her, she is as attached to the property and the tree as she could be. The only problem is Dae is there to demolish it.
Can stubborn Emily accept what Dae does for living, in the name of love?

A great story about falling hard and fast that will wipe away any doubts you might have had about true love concurring all.

“Hand, arm, heart and soul. Forever and always.”

Perfection, as always Melissa. Thank you for sharing this amazing family with us!

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Alison reviews The Song Of The Cypress by Tonia Parronchi

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Alison chose to read and review The Song Of The Cypress by Tonia Parronchi


The Song of the Cypress by Tonia Parronchi

Ann is a woman who is only half alive, caring for a mother who has sunk into depression and illness since the death of her husband, leaving Ann to a lonely childhood and a miserable adulthood. Her mother’s death offers the chance of a fresh start and Ann dreams of the cypress on the night before her mother’s funeral.

Ann travels to Tuscany, and in a small village finds the cypress. She begins her transformation, embracing her new life and her neighbours, the chatty Lucia and Pietro, Lucia’s quiet husband, hard-working put upon Rita and, of course, gentle, handsome Joe.

She also encounters the strange, wild, carefree old woman Fiammetta, the white witch, who teaches Ann about herbal remedies and healing, and shows her how to connect fully with the cypress and its song.

This is a beautifully written story. The sense of place is wonderful; I felt as though I was there in the Tuscan countryside as the seasons changed. The descriptions of the scenery, the seasons and the people are extremely well done and Ann is an interesting and well-drawn main character. I wanted her to be happy and to find the life and love she deserved. I also wanted to be in the warm sun of Tuscany, with its beautiful scents and scenery, all of which were brought beautifully to life.

I did feel that Ann’s out of body experiences were rather drawn out and repetitive at times – but this is my only criticism. This is a lovely book, and one I definitely recommend.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta

The Hidden Demon (The Immortals, #4)The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hidden Demon is book 4 in the Immortal Series, a sophisticated paranormal romance set in and around Rome. Peter is a demon, a loner, he is a renegade controller of the paranormal world and works for The Holy Council at Castel Sant’ Angelo. More importantly he can read the dead and find out their last thoughts before death which often reveal their cause of death.

He’s sent to help paranormal forensic anthropologist Ophelia Neferet when unusual remains of vampire and werewolf lovers are found. They must solve the mystery as well as deflect the human paparazzi who are clamouring for a story.

Peter begins to unravel the tragic story of Lucilla and Valerio but others in the paranormal world are not happy with their work. Threats, kidnapping, arson and abduction follow. Working together the two discover strong feeling for each other but Peter is cursed and cannot touch Ophelia freely without forcing her to last after him. As the net closes in on Peter and Ophelia, past discoveries reveal answers to long ago questions and possibilities for the future grow.

I loved the idea that the demon Peter wasn’t all bad at all, turning the tables on normal demon characteristics worked really well. There was lots of Italian scenery to enjoy and of course some sizzling romance as I’ve come to expect from this series.

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