Get Ready for Romancing September

Get ready for the start of our Romancing September Across the World Tour, starting on Sunday September the 1st. Romance Around the World30 Authors, 30 Days, 2 Locations!

Stephanie Hurt and I are just finalising all the posts and checking that we have all the information for you.

First there will be a book based interview with the author on each day here at my blog, then ALSO on the same day, Stephanie will post more details about the author and their work PLUS get their views on “Writing Romance in Today’s Society”.

We have authors from across the board covering many of the romance style such as contemporary, thriller, historical, western, erotica and paranormal.

Here is a list of all our guest authors for you;

Sept 1st – Marin Thomas

Sept 2nd – E. L Lindley

Sept 3rd – V. Steele

Sept 4th – Erica Dakin

Sept 5th – Robynn Gabel

Sept 6th – Briana Vedsted

Sept 7th – Olivia Stocum

Sept 8th – Cheryl Koevoet

Sept 9th – Juliet Hill

Sept 10th – Annie Acorn

Sept 11th – Swarupa N Ovalekar

Sept 12th – Terry Tyler

Sept 13th – Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie

Sept 14th – Jean Fullerton

Sept 15th – Fenella J Miller

Sept 16th – Lizzie Lamb

Sept 17th – Marina de Nadous

Sept 18th – Layla Tarar

Sept 19th – Jade Reyner

Sept 20th – Hazel Osmond

Sept 21st – Sonya Loveday

Sept 22nd – Candace Knoebel

Sept 23rd – Fay Cunningham

Sept 24th – Kylie Sabra

Sept 25th – Ana Calin

Sept 26th – Cassandra Giovanni

Sept 27th – Camelia Miron Skiba

Sept 28th – Alison Morton

Sept 29th – Sherry Gammon

Sept 30th – Cynthia Harrison

So make sure you’re signed up for both our blogs and we’ll look forward to introducing you to some great reads. Stephanie can be found here and Rosie here