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Cathy has been reading Till Life Do Us Part by Carmen Stefanescu


The book description was promising and the paranormal aspect intriguing, coupled with the fact the story explores reincarnation and past lives, all of which fascinate me. And I love the cover image.

Barbara Heyer is able to talk to spirits and help their families come to terms with the loss of their loved ones. She was ten when she had her first experience, a visit from her dead grandfather. Since then it’s been a regular occurrence. Barbara is driving home when she gets an interrupted message from someone called Kathleen, mentioning her brother, Colin, and the fact someone has murdered her. A visit from Detective Patrick Fischer, who Barbara feels an instant connection to, confirms Barbara’s worst fears. Her brother is the prime suspect in Kathleen’s murder.

Barbara has a terrible fear of fire and experiences vivid dreams about someone called Emma. She agrees to agrees to a past life regression with her new friend, Amanda. The time slip section of the book shows life as it was, with no recourse for women who find themselves at the mercy of men, especially men with no scruples.

It started off all right but unfortunately the book as a whole fell flat for me. There were a few issues – the characters lacked depth and charisma and I couldn’t connect with them. Some of the narrative and dialogue didn’t flow, seeming exaggerated and unnatural. The romance between Barbara and Patrick wasn’t convincing enough and the reason for the break didn’t make any sense.

It’s a good premise with a great choice of subject matter, some vividly descriptive passages and the potential is there. A thorough edit and proofread would iron out the irregularities in the turn of phrase and word choices, and correct the punctuation and grammar where needed, making it a smoother, easier read.

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