Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Doug reviews The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

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He chose to read and review The Wrath Inside by RR Gall


Here is his review.

RR Gall — The Wrath Inside (Ezera’s run 1)

I am not given to any spoiling of a story so I will keep to generalizations with very few specifics

The setting was a small agricultural town Nares in a provence some 100Km from Jerusalem with it’s close knit community, a narrow view of the world as they knew it, and of course the inevitable problems that ensue.

The main character is Ezera a 16 year old boy whose father is a carpenter and an unconventional zeast for life, the family home has a sloping roof which stands out among the prolieration of flat sunbaked dwellings.

The writer dropped some clues as to the threats and situations these span out later in the Story Much of the story occurs in the town square close to the Synagogue and a tall tree is centre stage some of that time, that make me chuckle!

There are some side stories involving family and strangers, the impact of a visit from a high status pharisee. The main issue is a conflict caused by the death of a roman soldier in the narrow streets of the town, when a census was implemented, the latter was a tactic often used by the officious regime to subjurgate the populus and extract taxes.

The Roman commander wants restitution at any cost so he asserts his authority and ensures his command are not undermined. But he reminds his second in command to count the olive trees

I enjoyed the story and related to the group of boys, or young men as they would have been considered in the days of the Roman occupation. Afterall whats wrong with some rebellion!

I read the entire novel without any hindrance there were no particular issues with style or grammar, it flowed neatly without any glaring obstacles.

The one and only criticism for me was the historical backdrop could have been enhanced greatly with some suitable description to set the scene because it could have been anywhere in time, apart from the presence of the Romans.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Susan reviews The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

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Susan chose to read and review The Wrath Inside by RR Gall


Here is Susan’s review.

BOOK REVIEW:  “The Wrath Inside” by R. R. Gall

By Susan Marie Molloy


This is a novel about intrigue, mystery, and action set in the ancient world.  Fifteen-year-old Ezera is at the centre of this action, complete with a mysterious man, violence, Roman soldiers, and missing twins.


As good as the premise is, “The Wrath Inside” is complex and sluggish – at least it was for me.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t gripped by the narratives, nor by the action through the chapters.  I do give kudos for the author setting this novel within true historic events which took research, although it distracted from much of the fictional story.  For me, the focus kept beckoning me to put down this novel and dig out my ancient history books to refresh my knowledge of real events.


I give 3 of 5 stars to “The Wrath Inside” by R. R. Gall.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Jessie reviews The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

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Jessie chose to read and review The Wrath Inside by RR Gall


Here is Jessie’s review.

Often it starts with a setting that interests you, then the characters paint their lives full and rich, the plot hooks you for good and there you are engrossed in a good book.

As a story set it AD 15 The Wrath Inside certainly interested me and perhaps that was the problem. I was so busy being analytically interested I never became emotionally involved. So much of my inner dialog was saying things like; “Ha- of course teenagers were still smart alecs.” “Is that what their houses are like?” “Are those wood working tools really as old as all that? I wonder what they looked like?”  ” Wait, what are they eating?” “Should I know this person?” “How much of this is real?” I was Googling, and defining and learning… and completely missing getting wrapped up in the character and plots.

I missed connecting with the young boy who was sucked into schemes he knows little about and the angry Roman commander who has come to take the census of his town. And as for the many plot lines that were being woven, well, I was too busy wondering over cooking tortoises to puzzle over any mystery. Finally when the different plots started weaving together near the end, promising more action in the following book, I was surprised at all that had been going on while I was marvelling over roofing design!

Would I recommend it? The book was interesting but not captivating. Of course, that said, I’d like to read the next one. I think I need to know what happens next!

This honest review was given in return for a free copy of the book from its author.

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Guest Author R.R. Gall

Today our guest is Richard, R Gall, author of yesterday’s book The Wrath Inside, here is a link to the post if you missed it.

RR Gall

Let’s find out more about Richard and his writing.

1) Where is your home town?
   I live in Dumfries, Scotland.
2) How long have you been writing?
   As I’m getting on a bit now, it’s been quite a long time. I’ve dabbled away since my twenties but only started properly when the big 50 hit me for 6.
3) What genres do you enjoy writing?
   Usually murder/mysteries: the crime giving a peg to hang everything on.
4) Where did the idea for The Wrath Inside come from?
   It started by wanting to know what life was like at that time. Just basic things like: what they ate, how they made a living, their views, and how much, or, indeed, how little they knew of the world. With that in mind, I decided to set the story in a small, ordinary town.
   Also, as part of the research, I read old and modern translations of The Bible and was surprised by how the resonance changed with the language. So I tried to write something that would feel contemporary: hopefully showing that people have changed little through the years and that events in the book are no different to ones going on in places round the world today.
5) Tell us some of the historical background to the area which this book is set in at the time of AD 15
   There had been many different conquerors over the years (Persians, Greeks, etc) and now The Romans were in charge. But unease was growing – people wanted to be free from oppression. Revolts flared up, only to be sharply quashed.
6) What illnesses were both Ezera’s parents suffering from?
   There is more in the next story.
7) What jobs did Ezera and his friends have in their day to day life?
   In the area where the story is set, most would have worked the land. There would be set chores in the home as well. They would also be expected to study Scripture and Law.
8) Joseph Caiaphas had a lot of power over the people, how would Rome have dealt with this threat?
   I doubt if the Romans would have been all that bothered by the priest – as long as he did not overstep the mark. Similarly, High Priest Annas wielded great power for a long time but was only deposed after taking things a bit too far – perhaps sentencing people to death. However, he remained influential, in the background, for many more years to come.
9) Tell us about your trilogy.
   The Dumfries Detective Trilogy is a murder/mystery set of stories. It consists of: The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit, The Case of Colourful Clothes and Kilts, The Case of the Hermit’s Guest Bedroom.
   As the titles suggest, there is supposed to be some fun in them but, also, enough thrills and spills to keep the tension going right through to the last book.
   Unusually, this amateur detective, Jin Johnstone, is not very good at what he does – although he is well-intentioned. Nevertheless, as the trilogy progresses, it is possible to see him improve as a detective, and, almost as importantly, as a man.
   All the action takes place in and around the Scottish town of Dumfries – taking in its sights and its colourful characters.
10) What are you working on at the moment? Do you have an expected publication date for fans?
    I’m writing a (slightly different) police procedural murder/mystery, set in Glasgow. It will be out at the summer.
The Wrath Inside
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The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

The Wrath InsideThe Wrath Inside by RR Gall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Wrath Inside is set in the town of Nares, Palestine in AD15. Roman occupation of the land and the aggression of the Roman soldiers add to the hostile attitudes of the nation. The people of Nares lead a simple life, their highlight is the traders who pass through on the road to Jerusalem.

The book centres around 15 year old Ezera, his home life, his friends and his upbringing. These are all set into turmoil when a stranger attacks Ezera with a knife while he sleeps, falsely accusing him of kidnapping his children. Ezera helps the man called Khalil to find his children, on route they discover a cohort of Roman soldiers not far from the village.

The Romans demand a census takes place in the town, but a scuffle causes a soldier to be wounded and the situation becomes more threatening. Ezera and his friends become embroiled in the conflict. The morals of the town are put into question when they allow an innocent man to die as revenge for the Roman soldier.

When an important priest and his entourage arrive in town the Roman power authority is lessened, highlighting some of the trouble there was at the time between the religious leaders and the occupying forces. Yet the leader of the Romans has come to this town for more than one reason.

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