September Issue of Fleet Life

The September Issue of Fleet Life is now out and I have the following books have a place on Rosie’s Good Reads Page. This month you can find them on Page 20. To access the online version go to click on the online directory and go to page 20.

September Fleet Life Best

The features books are;

“The Wayward Gifted” by Donna Childree

“The Last Juror” by John Grisham

“Land of the Unaltered” by Leti Del Mar

“The Great Convergence” by Joseph Lallo

“Mouse and the Cossacks” by Paul Wilson

The Wayward Gifted by Donna Childree

The Wayward Gifted - Broken PointThe Wayward Gifted – Broken Point by Donna K. Childree

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A book for the young adult market and beyond, it is about two adopted children and their struggle to live with a mother who is so obsessed with being the perfect mother that she overlooks spontaneous parenting skills. She takes the children to a new town but insists they are broken and need help. During therapy the children are gifted dolls which taken them on a whole new world of discovery.

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Donna has been a guest author on my blog and you can read more about her here

Guest Author Donna Childree

After a month of blogging my way through the alphabet with the brilliant AtoZ Challenge, author interviews are back. Today my guest author on the blog is Donna Childree, please join me in welcoming her to the blog and finding out more about her.

1.  What is your name?   Donna K. Childree
2. Where do you come from?     Ann Arbor, Michigan
3.   When did you start writing?   I’ve written little stories for as long as I can remember, but never publicly shared until recently.
4.   What do you most like writing about?   My adult son, Mike L. Hopper, and I work together as a writing team. We’ve recently published our first book, The Wayward Gifted, a YA novel about two children from the Deep South who are uprooted and moved a thousand miles from the only home they have ever known. It’s probably best described as a coming of age adventure. We’re currently working on our next book, The Wayward Gifted – Grey’s Case.
5. Give our readers 3 tips;     Tip number one – write every day. Even if you only write for a few minutes, write something
Tip number two – read every day. You learn a great deal by reading other writers.
Tip number three – edit, edit, edit.
6. What was the last book that you read?     The Complete Stories of Truman Capote – I am a huge fan of his short stories.  I would give this the highest rating possible.
7.   Leave a link to one of your books;

Product Details

Adopted at birth, Samantha Leigh and Steuart James DuBoise reside in a complex world of southern love and crazy dysfunction. They snack on cold buttered
biscuits and drink sweet iced-tea as they create stories and share fantasies on the sleeping porch of their grandmother Ida Light’s bay-front home. Their world
is abruptly altered when Olivia DuBoise, their rigid, emotionally disturbed mother decides to move the family more than a thousand miles from the only home they have ever known. The children, not only angry, but also certain that life has prematurely ended, fight against a world they believe to be both humdrum and routine. Both highly intelligent, and uniquely talented, Sam and Steuart struggle to mature while holding fast to childhood. Each carries unique interests and talents into the fight. Steuart has a deep love of words and a hobby of creating anagrams. Sam has an obsessional need to collect colors, and will go to great lengths to increase her collection. Encouraged by Ida, and several new friends, Sam and Steuart set out to make the best of their
situation, soon discovering worlds unknown in this coming of age, young adult fiction, fantasy adventure.

If you love young adult fiction or are seeking good books for young adults, don’t miss The Wayward Gifted – Broken Point.