THE VAMPIRES NEXT DOOR by @ElleKlass #YA #Paranormal #Bookreview

The Vampires Next DoorThe Vampires Next Door by Elle Klass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Vampires Next Door is book #1 in The Bloodseeker Series of YA Paranormal books. It opens with a prologue set in St Augustine, Florida 1823. A young girl is rescued by ghostly apparitions, given a protective amulet and informed she is a Slayer.

Present day, sixteen year old Alison is home alone in her apartment she shares with her Mom. Neighbours are having a loud party and she reports their unsocial behaviour. Nearby, Rodham has disturbing visions of Vampires and can zone in his telepathic abilities to communicate with Alison.

A quick friendship forms between Rodham and Alison and they agree the neighbours show all the signs of being Vampires, Alison, an avid bookworm knows all about such creatures from her vast reading experience. Concerned about missing policemen, they sneak into the neighbour’s flat looking for bodies, but discover a strange glowing amulet which speaks to Rodham.

An old book which came with the amulet informs them about Slayers and Bloodseekers and they find themselves in a real life paranormal world. Alison’s Gran arrives for a visit, but soon reveals she too is a Slayer. Bloodseekers, once crushed are again becoming strong and seven magical Slayers must join to defeat them once more.

A quick, light, easy read, I felt this book was let down by poor editing, including using dialogue for info dumping, over use of adjectives and places where I felt the plot jumped and I was left flailing trying to work out where people or events had come from.

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