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The TestThe Test by Gregg Bell

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The Test is an easy read romance set in Florida. Mary Maloney is 27, she’s studying to pass her law bar exams and she’s hoping to catch back up with Tom Falcone, the only man for her.

They split up when Tom went to Thailand to pursue his golfing dream leaving Mary for six months. They had planned to marry after her law exams, Tom comes from a family with traditional morals on marriage and children.

Mary catches up with Tom at a golf match, she’s excited to see him and hopes to get back together. Tom blows hot and cold, his golf is important to him as is a book he’s trying to write.

Feeling nauseous, Mary checks her dates and realises she could be pregnant from a one night dalliance with her boss at a party. Tom is already upset that Mary went out with her boss, how will she tell him about the baby? She’s also got to tell her boss and admit she’s just failed her bar exams.

Her life is a mess, and she struggles to do the right thing or let her heart lead the way. But she now needs to think of the baby’s future and she’d like a reliable father figure for her child.

This book is for those who like a cosy romance with no heaving bosoms, or blushing moments, it won’t leave your toes curling or your pulse racing, but provides a comfortable story with a happy ever after ending.

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