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The Stray AmericanThe Stray American by Wendy Brandmark

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Stray American is a niche market read with a dark storyline of everyday life. It reflects the feelings of people who touch the life of Larry Greenberg as they all search for answers and a place to belong.

Larry Greenberg is a Jewish lawyer who has moved to London from Boston where he is now an associate Professor teaching law at Eureka Plains. A college full of international students, it stands near Waterloo station in an old Victorian Hospital.

We read about Larry’s strange and failing relationships, his loneliness in London, his few highs as he discovers “England” and the many lows which make up a year long window of guilt and often despair which we glimpse in this creatively written piece of work.

Accused of being a boy with silly ideas, he’s looking to mature. A fellow college lecturer persuades him to join a group of Un-Americans, all Americans in London, lost souls, clutching at their one remaining link of solidarity. Larry struggles to fit in, but then I’m not sure any of the group really fitted, they just came together and then drifted on their way again.

I would describe this book as more of an artistic piece of literature, showing the skills of the writer, it has an entertainment value for those who read dark emotional real life issues.

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