Rosie’s Good Read Collections; Fantasy

Welcome to “Rosie’s Good read Collections”, I’ve put together the books I’ve read into subject headings that I think the books belong to, for you to browse.

First up is a three book series by the very talented Joseph Lallo;

12474002The tale of Myranda Celeste, a young woman orphaned by a century long war, and her chance discovery of a fallen soldier’s priceless cargo. The find will change her life, sending her on an adventure of soldiers and rebels, wizards and warriors, and beasts both noble and monstrous. Each step will bring her closer to the truth of her potential, of the war, and of the fate of her world. Goodreads,,, My Review:

12474131The second in the Book of Deacon series, The Great Convergence continues the tale of young Myranda Celeste. With fresh knowledge of magic and steadfast resolve to see the end of the war that plagues her land, Myranda sets out to find and unite the five fated heroes, the Chosen. Each new warrior brings her world a step closer to peace, but does she have the strength to survive the trials ahead. Goodreads,,, My Review:

12474172In this, the finale of the Book of Deacon Trilogy, Myranda and the Chosen face their greatest challenges yet. Time is running out, and the Generals are growing desperate. Through victory and defeat, reunion and betrayal, neither the heroes nor their foes will rest until they have seen their task through to the end. The only question is, will it be the end of a war, or the end of times? Goodreads,,, My Review:

17447896Luke Callindor was born into Windemere’s most decorated family of adventurers.  Since his birth, he has been treated with the greatest amount of respect and awe.  Now, with a lifetime of training and the reckless cockiness of youth, Luke has set out to prove that he deserves the admiration that comes from being a Callindor. Luke gets his chance when he convinces a royal messenger to hire him to protect the heir of Duke Solomon. This future leader is secretly attending Hamilton Military Academy, an esteemed school run by the former mercenary, Selenia Hamilton.  It is a dangerous secret mission requiring that Luke pretend to be an average student while keeping an eye out for any sign of danger.  Unfortunately, Luke has no idea which student the heir is and a demonic assassin is already several steps ahead of him.  Finding himself in over his head and constantly in trouble, the young warrior realizes that the only things he has on his side are some new friends and his unwavering courage. Can Luke find and protect the heir while keeping his own head attached to his neck?  And, can he avoid being suspended long enough to see his mission through to the end? This is the first book in a series and books 2 & 3 are now available too. Goodreads,,, My Review:

13414217A wild land too mountainous to be tamed by plows…A Duke of the Holy Roman Empire, his cunning overshadowed only by his ambition…
A young Priestess of the Old Religion, together with a charismatic outlaw, sparking a rebellion from deep within the forests…And an ex-Hospitaller caught between them all. “Re-imagining the William Tell legend—without William Tell.” At the end of the thirteenth century, five hundred orphans and second sons are rounded up from villages in the Alpine countryside and sold to the Hospitaller Knights of St John. Trained to serve as Soldiers of Christ, they fight in eastern lands they know nothing about, for a cause they do not understand. Thomas Schwyzer, released from his vows by the Grandmaster of the Hospitallers, returns to the land of his birth a stranger. Once a leader of men, and captain of the Order’s most famous war galley, he now settles into the simple life of a ferryman. He believes this new role to be God’s reward for years of faithful service fighting the Infidel in Outremer. Seraina, considered a witch by most, a healer by some, is a young woman with a purpose. A Priestess of the Old Religion, and the last Druid disciple of the Helvetii Celts, she has been gifted by the Great Weave to see what others cannot. Her people need her guidance and protection now more than ever. For Duke Leopold of Habsburg, in his efforts to control the St. Gotthard Pass, builds a great Austrian fortress in Altdorf. Once finished, the Habsburg occupation will be complete, but the atrocities visited upon her people will have just begun. Set in medieval Switzerland, ALTDORF, a novel of The Forest Knights, is the first book in a two-book series. Goodreads,,, My Review:

17325149Visited by tragedy and heart-wrenching deception, Erin retreats into self-imposed isolation. But the Fates are not finished with her and she is uprooted from her respite to face the dark forces that threaten to swallow her entirely. Aidan, fettered by his dark parentage and past, is drawn to Erin by the duties of his position and is held to her by the love she awakens in him. Bradach is powerful, beautiful, immortal and ever struggles with his all-too-human jealousy. Erin can’t understand his hatred for Aidan, nor can she shake the feeling that she has known him from some other time, but the feeling is fleeting and can’t be held to grasp. Brieanna, Erin’s life-long friend, wears wisdom like a comfortable old shawl, and her quiet confidence is just what Finn, Aidan’s brother, needs to escape the terrors that drive him. The four humans find themselves the central figures in a centuries-old prophecy and bind themselves together to fight the encroaching horrors from the south that threaten to cover the four kingdoms of Tara in shadow. Tara must now return to the magic that was such a rich part of their heritage, now reviled, in order to save the lands they love. Standing together with the four immortal Elders of Tara; Erin, Aidan, Brieanna and Finn take their predestined places as the Bearers of the Promise and the saviours of Tara. Goodreads,,, My Review:

Good Deeds week October 27th – November 2nd

This is my weekly diary of a year long challenge that I set myself back in April. I am attempting to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year. Along the way I’ve met some lovely people who have joined or supported me in the challenge and I hope to be able to get us an interview with the lady who inspired it all Judith O’Reilly.

Good deedsOctober 27th – Today I shall write a letter to an Aunt and arrange a visit for December. We’ve been helping to some house clearing and have unearthed some of her old school books and pictures/ photographs which we will take to her. Good Deeds received; Given from garden fresh tomatoes and apples.

October 28th – It’s the school half term holidays so I can’t rely on my morning of volunteering at school today as my Good Deed. After a night of horrific storms across Britain, I’m e-mailing friends today to make sure they are all ok.

October 29th – Did some litter picking after the storm and tidied up some shared pathways which had tree debris strewn all over them. Good Deeds received; Thank you to fellow authors who have been spreading word across cyber space about my own book.

October 30th – My youngest child went to play at a friends house so I sent along some biscuits for them all to share. Good deeds received; Having my child to play then dropping him home afterwards.

October 31st – Dropped some items over to my Mum and spent a bit of time visiting. Good Deeds received; Came home with some lovely pears from the garden.

November 1st – Fleet Life’s November issue went online today where my book review page can be found on Page 56 this month. Featured books and the 5 lucky authors are; “The Singing Dagger” by Kylie Sabra, “Good Husband Material” by Trisha Ashley, “Inceptio” by Alison Morton, “Becoming Anorak Nid” by local author Alix B Macey and “Steps into Darkness” by Ben Woodard.

November 2nd – Am just sorting out the books for the December issue of Fleet Life because the copy deadline is quite early. Mum has a working computer again after a lightening strike frazzled her last one, then a power failure delayed all the delivery and sorting. Have been helping with advice to get her e-mails back up and running. Ended up going over to my Mum’s and spending 3 hours tweaking her new computer. Good Deeds received: Came home with two jars of bottles pears which the kids love.

November issue of Fleet Life

This month’s issue of Fleet Life is now available online go to click on the online Directory and Rosie’s Good Reads are on page 56 this month.

This month’s featured books and authors are;

“The Singing Dagger” by Kylie Sabra

“Good Husband Material” by Trisha Ashley

“Inceptio” by Alison Morton

“Becoming Anorak Nid” by Alix B Macey

“Steps into Darkness” by Ben Woodard

November Fleet Life

The Singing Dagger by Kylie Sabra (Oct 2nd)

The Singing Dagger: Book I of the Caitriona ProphecyThe Singing Dagger: Book I of the Caitriona Prophecy by Kylie Sabra

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Singing Dagger is a very well written and thought out fantasy story set around an ancient prophecy. A peaceful kingdom is threatened by evil and its magic must be re-awakened to meet the threat. Four young people must join in a journey of learning, love and loyalty as they fulfil their own roles in the prophetic words. I enjoyed being drawn into the scenes of destiny for the characters and I loved the roles of the pagan traditions, the trees made me really smile. I congratulate the author on this superb read.

Kylie was recently one of our authors who took part in the Romancing September Across the World Tour, come and find out more about Kylie here

Find a copy of “The Singing Dagger” here on Amazon.

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Romancing September author Kylie Sabra (Day 24)

Day 24 and we are meeting author and artist Kylie Sabra a very talented lady. Step over to Stephanie’s blog later to catch up with her views on writing romance in today’s society.

Kylie Sabra authorLet’s find out more about Kylie;

1) Where is your home town?

I was born in Topeka, Kansas–an Air Force brat. I was shortly transplanted to Texas and finished my “growing up” in the small town of Liberty, about an hour east of Houston. I’ve called Seattle my home for the past 19 years and it ever shall be until they spread my ashes over Puget Sound.

2) How long have you been writing?

I started writing poetry, music and short stories in grade school, then went on a long hiatus to raise kids. Honestly, no clue why I stopped. Began writing again in the mid-eighties as a staff writer and corporate communications professional. I got all the touchy-feely articles. (grins) I wonder why?

3) You have a beautiful book cover, who designed it?

I am a graphic artist and designed my own cover. I escape to my art when I need to cry “refuge!”. Wow you are very talented!

4) “The Singing Dagger” is primarily a fantasy novel, but it contains romance too. Can you tell us the significance of the title?

There is indeed a dagger and it does sing. It is the embodiment of a depraved soul that seeks to own Erin. The dagger is the only way he can take her.  I’d say more, but . . .

5) This is book 1 in the “Caitriona Prophecy” can you briefly tell us what the prophecy said?

Ahh! I’d share more that even.  The book is based upon a poem I wrote.

The Bane of King Adaire

by Kylie Sabra

His son and his favored, sent King Adaire

to take them wives in Tara fair.

To steal their magic, so rich, so rare;

lay claim alone for Me’Doshaire.

The maidens found their hearts ensnared,

did steal the joy of King Adaire.

His hatred boiled that they should dare,

to slip so deftly through his snare.

Into their midst, a conspirator he set,

to mix and stir and brew events.

Ensure the king’s dark plot unfold,

e’re none deliver challenge so bold.

His anguish, would their issue reap,

lest others dare their sin repeat.

For naught but blood could now appease,

and bring his torment to its ease.

The Shadows tho, their will thus proven,

alas shall right ascend from ruin.

Two hearts so pure, shall bear an heir,

blood of his own and his favored fair;

Caitríona, the bane of King Adaire.

6) Tell us a little about some of the main characters, entice us to read your book.

Erin begins as a wounded young woman who finds solace in the arms of Aidan and strength in the eyes of Bradach. Both men want her and are determined to have her. Bradach is the fierce one of the immortals—possessively protective of Erin. Aidan wears his depraved past like a dark, prickly hair coat. As much as he loves Erin, he never feels worthy of her. As the two men tug at her, Erin feels herself rent asunder.

Finn and Brie are the second couple pronounced in the prophecy. Finn is Aidan’s brother and Brie is Erin’s life-long best friend. Brie is the Earth mother. She is sweetness and light and banshee all rolled up in an angelic soul case. Finn, her golden counterpoint, is the jester that hides his unspeakable pain behind his ready wit.

The foursome are brought together by powers far greater than their ken. They are aided by four immortals. Murtagh, their leader,  appears to be an ancient, but has an aura of congenial wisdom. His greatest power lies in his softest whispers.

Then there is Cormack. Ahhh! Cormack, the one sent to “mix and stir and brew events”, and he does so with impeccable grace. If he were not insidiously evil, one might take him for a stately gentleman.

7) Readers have praised your colourful descriptions, did this aspect of the writing come easily to you?

It does come easily. I took to reading from the time I learned and never stopped. I’ve read a wide variety of literature and I know that feeds into my work as well as have provided me an extensive vocabulary to lend just that right nuance to the thoughts I want to convey. There is so much to be said for that one perfect word. On the other hand I quail at lengthy descriptive paragraphs and tend to skim them. I prefer to convey descriptions within the context of dialog and thought—giving just enough data for the reader to begin to build the set in their own mind. I don’t think it hurts that I see the world through an artist’s—that intense attention to detail that an artist possesses. I also feel things very deeply. I’m curator for a famous art gallery in the Second Life Virtual grid. Artists ask me what I look for in the work I curate. I have one simple answer. Make me feel. I take this  approach in my writing as well. If I can’t make the reader feel deeply, then what’s the point? A brilliant answer!

8) The love interest looks complicated, will there be many twists and turns?

For love to be interesting, there must be push and pull, hope and disappointment, vision and delusion. The triangle between Aidan, Bradach and Erin begins early and doesn’t let up until the end.

9) How hot is the romance?

There is sex. I have jokingly referred to it as Tolkien with sex. Jokingly, Mr. Tolkien!  There is one brisk, violent sexual scene. The other sex scenes are between committed, loving couples. I’d describe my writing as sensual, but not pornographic; but then each must decide for himself. Sex is not the focus of my writing, but rather evolves from the plot(s).

Does it need an age warning?

I would be comfortable with my 16-year-old reading it, back when I had one of those that is.

10) You’re working on the sequel “The lost Child”, do you have an expected publication date yet?

I’m shooting for release in time for Christmas. I’d like to see it in my stocking.

The Singing DaggerThank you Kylie for a very interesting interview, I shall be reviewing Kylie’s book in October here on the blog. If you want your own copy before that here are the links to find it on and