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It’s Day 6 of our Beach Reads Book Tour and today my guest is book reviewer Diane Coto from

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FictionZeal’s ‘Summer Beach Reads’ Suggestions:

Some people like to travel to the mountains for a holiday, and I can understand why. In the heat, the trees often provide some much appreciated shade. However, I’m a beach goer. The ocean water totally relaxes me and if I have a book along … well, it really adds a whole other dimension to relaxing and enjoying the beach. I love sitting on the balcony with a book, feeling the ocean breeze; hearing the gulls and the ocean waves and families chattering below … it’s about as close to heaven as I can imagine while here on earth.

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My preferred beach is Myrtle Beach, SC. It only takes about 2.5 hours to get there from our home. The beach is beautiful and kept-up very well. I’ve listed five books that I have thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend no matter where you choose to spend your summer vacation.

Mercy’s Rain by Cindy K. Sproles –


I read this only a few weeks ago. Set in the mountains of Tennessee in 1897, it is the story of Mercy Roller who had been abused by her father who was also the pastor of Wadalow Mountain. It’s her story of taking part in the killing of her father and being sent away by her mother. After traveling for a few days, she finds another pastor she calls ‘Preacher’. Why should she think he would be any better than her father? Once she gives herself a chance to get to know him, she finds out he is quite different. Link to full review on FictionZeal.

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The Reluctant Midwife (A Hope River Novel) by Patricia Harman –


This is also a historical fiction novel set in 1934 in the midst of the Great Depression. As the book begins, Nurse Becky Myers is driving from Percyville, VA to WV; Dr. Isaac Blum is her passenger. They are relocating as there is no work to be found. She is taking care of Dr. Blum who is catatonic, not having said anything since his wife’s death a year before. They begin to rebuild in Hope River, both taking help as well as giving it. It was a dire time in America and people had little choice but to pull together and assist each other in order to just have enough food to eat. Link to full review on FictionZeal.

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Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio –


Another historical fiction but with a twist. One story is about Vera Ray in 1933. An alternate story is about Claire Aldridge in current day. The setting is Seattle in early May in which there is an unusual snowstorm pattern nicknamed Blackberry Winter. Claire Aldridge is a newspaper reporter who is assigned with a story for the storm. Unhappy with the assignment, she finally stumbles across a small article about Vera Ray whose three year old son Daniel had gone missing. I loved watching both of these women as the novel alternated between the two. Link to full review on FictionZeal.

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Virtues of Oxygen by Susan Schoenberger –


This would be classified as ‘women’s fiction.’ Vivian contracted polio at the age of six in 1955 .. about three years before a vaccine became available. She had all but lost the ability to breathe on her own, so she’s placed in an iron lung. The story of Vivian begins when she is 65. She’s managed to become very successful in the stock market. She’s still in an iron lung and the people in the small town she lives in volunteer their time to take care of her .. round the clock care. This could be a very boring and depressing story, but it’s not. The personality of Vivian makes up for her inability to get around. The author was inspired to write this story from the true life of Martha Mason who resided in North Carolina. She lived her life in an iron lung until she passed at the age of seventy-one. Link to full review on FictionZeal.

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Shady Cross by James Hankins –


I was hard pressed for the fifth book as there are several more, but finally decided upon Shady Cross. I’m a mystery buff, yet this is the only mystery on my Beach Reads list. Stokes is not a good guy. He lies and steals, but he doesn’t kill anyone … until one day he caused a man to careen off a mountain road. Even then, he takes a bag full of money from the back seat of the ‘now dead’ driver’s car. On a bus heading back to town, a phone rings from inside the bag. As people get more and more annoyed, he has to answer the phone. A little girl says, “Daddy, … Are you there? Can you hear me? They told me you’re coming to get me soon. That if you give them money, they’ll let you take me home.”
Link to full review on FictionZeal.

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