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The Perfect NeighbourThe Perfect Neighbour by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Perfect Neighbour is a romance set in New York, and book nine of the MacGregors series, which can also be read as a stand-alone story. Cybil Campbell writes a carton strip, called ‘Friends and Neighbors’, and lives in an apartment block. A mysterious new tenant has recently moved in across the hall.

Preston McQuinn is a very private person. He’s temporarily in New York while renovations on his house in Connecticut take place. When Cybil attempts to be friendly he rebuffs her, which only makes her want to find out more about him. She concludes, incorrectly, that he’s out of work but a good musician and vows to help him find employment. However, Preston has been a little light with the truth. This gets complicated when he starts to have feelings for Cybil. A book ideal for those who like a classic style of romance.Book description

In New York, people were supposed to ignore their neighbours. But that was a rule that Cybil Campbell had never learned. When the sunny brunette knocks on her new neighbour’s door, she expected that they would make a connection – after all, she knew everyone else in the apartment block. Preston McQuinn wasn’t interested in small talk.

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Night Shield (Night Tales, #5)Night Shield by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Night Shield is dark romantic suspense and is book five of the Night Tales series; again, it can easily be read as a stand-alone story.

Detective Ally Fletcher has a new break-and-entry case. The targets are wealthy young couples who have all been out at a club on the night of the burglaries.

Jonah Blackhawk owns one of the clubs where the targets have spent their evening. Now he’s being asked to cooperate with the cops. But he hates cops. However, the Commissioner wants him to work with one and he can’t say no.

This is a fast-paced storyline packed with tension and action. The heat between Ally and Jonah sizzles out of control as they close in on the thieves.Book description

Even though he agreed to protect her cover — even though her own dad vouched for him — Allison Fletcher refused to be seduced by Jonah Blackhawk’s smooth charm and good looks. She was too much of a cop to fall for a shady character like Jonah…even if her pulse did race at his touch.
If only she didn’t have eyes like prime whiskey and a smile that melted his insides. If only she weren’t Boyd Fletcher’s daughter. Jonah had never cared much for cops — until now. But Ally was definitely off-limits to a guy like him. If only he could stop wanting her….

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The LiarThe Liar by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Liar is a stand -alone romantic suspense which is set mainly in Tennessee.

Shelby Foxworth is left with massive debts after her husband dies, but soon she discovers he’d been a thief and conman, while their life together had been a lie.

She heads to her family home in Tennessee, hoping to start a new life for herself and her daughter. Whilst there she catches the eye of local handyman Griff. Shelby enjoys the feelings of adoration as Griff sets out to romance both her and her daughter. But Shelby’s troubles are far from over as former associates of Richards come seeking their share of ill-gotten spoils.

I thought that the storyline was a little obvious at times, but there were some great secondary characters. Shelby had a strong and supportive family and the small-town atmosphere shone through. This may not be the best I’ve read from this author, in terms of the suspense plotline, but good descriptions and characters saved the day.Book description

When her husband Richard dies in a freak accident, Shelby Pomeroy is devastated. But his death reveals a horrible truth – Richard was a liar and a cheat. Now Shelby is left with the consequences – huge, terrifying debts and mounting proof that her late husband betrayed her in every conceivable way.
Heart-broken but unbowed, Shelby is determined to fix her problems – if only for the sake of her gorgeous little daughter Callie. Returning home to Tennessee and the family she thought she’d lost for ever, she discovers a new sense of strength and freedom. And hope, too, in the handsome form of carpenter Griffin Lott – a straight-dealing man who couldn’t lie to her if he tried.
But not everyone is thrilled to see Shelby Pomeroy back in town. And when a shocking act of violence is traced back to Richard’s shady business, it becomes clear that she is not safe from him, even in death. With her life in danger, Shelby must face the lies of the past – or lose everything.

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