Set In Medieval Europe. Rosie’s #Bookreview of The Order by John-Patrick Bayle.

The OrderThe Order by John-Patrick Bayle

3.5 stars

The Order is set in the early sixteenth century and is based around the beginnings of the Protestant religion.

A young monk, Jan Vander Leuk, discovers a hidden book with heretic teachings.  He sets out to take the book to the Pope, but he soon finds that he and those who try to help him are in great danger. What secrets does the book hold and why do others pledge to save Jan’s life?  Jan’s quest style journey takes him from France to Wittenberg where he finds some of the answers to his many questions.

I enjoyed the secret Knight’s Templar style of the story. This is a book for those who enjoy a slower paced read. There’s quite a lot to take in during the end reveal chapters; I hadn’t guessed the outcome of all the secrets. I know Jan had questions – I did, too.

Overall, an interesting book, it took on an unexpected direction, one that I hadn’t considered from the book blurb. If you enjoy books set in medieval Europe that have religious themes, then give this a go.

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1513, France -An ancient origin. A secret society. A long anticipated birth has come to pass. The news spreads in a hushed wave throughout the world. It has begun.Armies move while nations sleep, and one of human history’s greatest movements teeters on the edge of collapse. The Order is a gripping tale of deception, secrecy, cruelty, and a man whose faith stands firm in the face of it all.

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