The Agben School by Jo Sparkes

The Agben SchoolThis is the second book in The Legend of the Gamesmen Fantasy Series. The story continues with Drail’s team The Hand of Victory arriving in Missea. Home to the great Skullan Gamesmen. With them travels Tryst, kidnapped and disguised Prince of the realm and Marra herb girl or Brista to the team. Each time the men play she brews a special elixir for them to drink to improve their skills on the playing field.
But Tryst is denied access to the palace. Everything has changed since he left over a year ago on his epourney. A journey to see the world and come home an experienced man. Rumours have spread that Truemen have murdered the Prince and that an imposter may be in his place.
Meanwhile Drail and his Gamesmen must begin at the bottom of the Gamesmen league after a humiliating start in the Gold Harbour arena. Marra is in danger and goes to the Agben school to learn more about herbs and potions. Here they discover she has a rare and natural talent and she uses her skills to help both Drail and Tryst uncover a deep and sinister plot.
This series just gets better, I really enjoyed all of Marra’s experiences at the Agben school and the games of Comet are mush easier to follow now that I’m into the second book. The story will continue in the next book.
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