Rosie’s Good Reads made it into the December Issue of @FleetLife Magazine #TuesdayBookBlog

This month my reading recommendations made it into my local magazine @FleetLife


For the online version go to, load the online directory and find the reviews on page 16.

Dec FL

Here are the December featured books and authors;

Threads of Yesterday by Sam Cheever

Touched To The Soul by Elsa Winckler

The Kid Who Wasn’t There Murders by C.M Albrecht

Death Unscripted by Marni Graff

and Please Release Me by Rhoda Baxter

NEW #TuesdayBookBlog The Kid Who Wasn’t There Murders by C.M Albrecht @cmalbrecht

The Kid Who wasn't thereThe Kid Who Wasn’t There Murders is a Jonas McCleary mystery. Jonas is a private investigator and has recently opened his own business. Work has been slow until Bernard Zaretsky arrives with a plea to help solve the murder of his son David.
David was a quiet simple man, who left home a year ago and found a job as an artists assistant, but David died at one of the many parties the artist throws and the police have found nothing.
Jonas is reluctant to take on a charity case from shabbily dressed Zaretsky, and is surprised when the man offers a large upfront deposit for Jonas to begin his investigations. The case isn’t easy, the artist is a regular drunk, others at the party were also full of drink and drugs, people remember David for his ability to disappear into the shadows. Few are even sure they saw David on the night of the party.
In a slow methodical style Jonas digs deeper into abstract artist Dos Ases (two Aces) and his rise to fame, until he discovers just what went on at the night of David’s death.
A solid murder mystery case, set at a calm pace, with clues along the way for the reader to help solve the investigation.
This book will be released on Amazon in December.