The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta

The Hidden Demon (The Immortals, #4)The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hidden Demon is book 4 in the Immortal Series, a sophisticated paranormal romance set in and around Rome. Peter is a demon, a loner, he is a renegade controller of the paranormal world and works for The Holy Council at Castel Sant’ Angelo. More importantly he can read the dead and find out their last thoughts before death which often reveal their cause of death.

He’s sent to help paranormal forensic anthropologist Ophelia Neferet when unusual remains of vampire and werewolf lovers are found. They must solve the mystery as well as deflect the human paparazzi who are clamouring for a story.

Peter begins to unravel the tragic story of Lucilla and Valerio but others in the paranormal world are not happy with their work. Threats, kidnapping, arson and abduction follow. Working together the two discover strong feeling for each other but Peter is cursed and cannot touch Ophelia freely without forcing her to last after him. As the net closes in on Peter and Ophelia, past discoveries reveal answers to long ago questions and possibilities for the future grow.

I loved the idea that the demon Peter wasn’t all bad at all, turning the tables on normal demon characteristics worked really well. There was lots of Italian scenery to enjoy and of course some sizzling romance as I’ve come to expect from this series.

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Good Deeds Challenge, Year 2 Week 41

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I am into my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

January 25th – Reading The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta book 4 in her paranormal romance series which I really love.

January 26th – Helping at school this morning. Lunchtime walk and litter pick.

January 27th – Found a lost item for a colleague at work today, then a quick walk and litter pick. Am reading Perfiditas by Alison Morton, second book in her Roma Nova series.

January 28th – Good deeds received, am being taken out to dinner this evening by friends. Will take a long books to share with them.

January 29th – Spent the morning with a friend introducing her to the wonders of Twitter and how useful a marketing tool it is.

January 30th – Today I’m reading Sea Witch by Helen Hollick set in the 1700’s it’s a tale of pirates, I’ve not read a swashbuckling story in a while and I am really enjoying it.

January 31st – With a cold chilly day I’ve been wrapped up inside in the warm. I’ve been working on my Tweet wording for posts I share from others which go into twitter feeds. It’s easy to hit a tweet button and move on, but often this misses the any potential audience without Hashtags or interesting wording.

Looking back, in January I read and reviewed an amazing 19 books.