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Welcome to “Rosie’s Good read Collections”, I’ve put together the books I’ve read into subject headings that I think the books belong to, for you to browse.

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18366626With a tight budget and two months, Eva Delacroix has to turn six dilapidated cottages on Lake Huron into a shabby chic tourist destination. Fulfilling her father’s renovation dreams and her own needs for family, Blue Heaven is Eva’s last resort. Daniel Bryman will do anything in his power to stop city girl Eva from destroying the integrity of the historic structures his ancestor built. But as they work together to rebuild the main cabin, Eva’s determination makes him question his own life choices.
Despite their opposing views, they do agree on what to do with the attraction between them. When everything they’ve built threatens to crash down around them, will love be enough to save Blue Heaven? Goodreads,,, My Review:

18148963Strange things are happening in Port Grace, Florida. Doug Monroe and Rebecca Carlyle are young and in love. He met her when he saved her life, but now he may need to save her again. Someone, or something, wants her and there is no place to hide, and no safe haven from the memories of her troubled past.
Before the summer ends, the past and present will meet. Will Doug be able to save the woman he loves one last time? Or will an evil from long ago take her from him forever? Goodreads,,, My Review:

476660In the harsh Scottish highlands of 1565, superstition and treachery threaten a truce between rival clans. It’s a weak truce at first, bound only by an arranged engagement between Anne MacGregor and Niall Campbell-the heirs of the feuding families. While Niall wrestles with his suspicions about a traitor in his clan, Anne’s actions do not go unnoticed. And as accusations of witchcraft abound, the strong and sometimes callous Campbell heir must fight for Anne’s safety among disconcerted clan members. Meanwhile his own safety in threatened with the ever-present threat of someone who wants him dead. Will Niall discover the traitor’s identity in time? Can Anne find a way to fit into her new surroundings? Will the two learn to love each other despite the conflict? With a perfect mix of a burgeoning romance and thrilling suspense, this book is historical fiction at its best. Goodreads,,, Free for Kindle at the time of publication. My Review:

18146839Reginald Aiken, Duke of Warwick is dead and his young widow is not grieving…until the will is read. Isobel Kennilworth Aiken, Duchess of Warwick spent 6 years of her young life in a loveless marriage. Now, at the age of 24, Isobel is a widow. As Isobel awaits the reading of her late husband’s last will and testament, she feels no grief, but in fact is quite hopeful. She is eager to start her life anew. But, as the droning of the solicitor’s voice washes over her detailing the bequests to various servants and family members, a shock awaits her. The “other woman” was not his mistress, but his lawfully wedded wife and together they had a son. Six year old Reggie was now the Duke of Warwick, displacing Reginald’s brother Charles. There is a collective gasp as the revelation is made that instantly displaces Isobel and Charles and dashes their hopes for the future. Isobel must indeed start anew, but not as a titled, influential and wealthy widow, but as plain Miss Kennilworth, tainted by scandal. Can she get past the disgrace and humiliation she has endured and fight her way back into society? Will she find love again with her childhood sweetheart, Andrew Stafford, former vicar, now Lord Saybrooke? Or perhaps she will rekindle the flame with Jeremy Ingles, Lord Westcott, who had caught her fancy at her come out six years earlier, but had not been ready to be leg shackled. But before Isobel can find true love, she must come to grips with her past mistakes and the people she has hurt along the way. She must discover who she is without the title of duchess to her name. Goodreads,,, My Review:

5053547Scientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother-in-law’s death. The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana. Unfortunately, death doesn’t slow down Helena one bit.
DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the sexy scientist has gotten him into – especially as it seems someone wants her dead. Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty. Goodreads,,, My Review:

18600203Love, betrayal, and hope for happiness may turn this marriage of convenience into something more. Daisy Banks weaves a wonderful tale of bargains made and promises broken in A Gentleman’s Folly. Katherine Bescell, courtesan and member of a secret order, thinks the offer of a marriage in name only to Charles Leverret, heir to a large fortune, will solve all her woes. Charles Leverret believes his hired wife will ensure his inheritance. He might even enjoy her company if she’ll let him anywhere near her. Charmed by his bride, Charles breaks their original bargain and falls in love. Betrayed by a trusted lawyer who withholds Katherine’s promised fee, Charles struggles against evil chance to persuade Katherine his love is real. Lust and love, truth and trust, each makes demands on them both, but though Charles has captured her heart, Katherine can’t bring herself to admit they belong together. Masked and robed in the rites in the West Wycombe Caves where only truth is told, Charles makes his stand to claim the woman he adores. Goodreads,,, My review:

16181481To her surprise, Stacy Cauthen, an accountant from Atlanta wins a contest, she didn’t even enter, to spend a romantic weekend in the Colorado mountains with Slade Collins, the movie star. What happens when they get to the chalet is both funny and romantic. What will they do when a blizzard hits and the power goes out forcing them to sleep in front of the fire together? Will love find its way in or will they say goodbye on Monday? Goodreads,,, My Review:  Stephanie has written many books all with a romantic theme often with Cowboys thrown in.

17840865Ellie has a traumatic and terrifying experience whilst living in England so moves to American t live with her Uncle and Cousin. Whilst working in a hotel Ellie meets Trey Thomas who is a hot movie star. Trey is attracted to Ellie and this is the story of Ellie’s insecurities and Trey’s emotional story of angst, romance, and mystery. The sequel Desire to Love out 1st June 2013.***Rated 18+ due to sexual content and explicit language used*** Goodreads,,, My Review:

672619Newenham, Alaska, is a long way from the big-city comforts of Anchorage, where Sergeant Liam Campbell was an up-and-coming state trooper with everything going his way. But that was before his life unraveled. Transferred in disgrace to this rough-and-tumble fishing town on the shores of Bristol Bay, Liam knows Newenham is the end of the line. It’s also his last shot at getting his life back.. He’s about to come in for a very rough landing. Stepping onto the airstrip at Newenham, Liam walks into a crime scene: a body torn apart by the propeller of a Piper Super Cub. As if that isn’t enough of a welcome, the woman bending over the corpse is Wyanet Chouinard, the only woman Liam ever truly loved – and soon to be his prime suspect. Next, a man is held hostage in the town’s only decent burger joint–held for shooting out a jukebox that was playing Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. And Liam still doesn’t have his uniform on. Goodreads,,, Free at the time of publication.  My Review:

13486468Catherine enjoys her life as a successful single woman and, if her career sometimes fails to fulfil her, her social life more than makes up for it. Life for Catherine is about having fun and she is not looking for anything more meaningful or permanent than that. Everything changes, however, when she is forced to face the consequences of a decision she made eighteen years earlier. Events conspire to bring her first love, Bill Myers, back into her life and they struggle to establish a new adult relationship. As everything familiar seems to be imploding around her, it leads Catherine to question every aspect of her life. Can she find the courage to embrace a new life or is she doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Goodreads,,, My Review:

10783094After several decades of looking for true love and never finding it, aging model and lingerie designer, Alexa Ranger, has finally given up the search. A couple years ago, she got tired of the game completely and just stopped dating. Now friends and family keep her mostly content, so it’s shocking at 50 yrs old to find herself suddenly wanting a sex life again. It’s even more shocking to be attracted to a much younger man this time. She definitely thinks Casey Carter is sexy, but not handling her own age well, Alexa just can’t get passed their twelve year age difference to even consider a fling. Goodreads,,, My Review:

18304081Was it his gaze from across the blackjack table? The little nick on his chin that she wanted to kiss and make better? The way his bright blue eyes seemed to see to the heart of her? Whatever it was, Laura Todd was pulled in by Fox Thornton. A whirlwind Las Vegas romance followed, but things heat up again in Miami, in all the wrong ways. Embezzlement, ambition, and erotic romance aren’t the perfect match, but that’s all they have. Will it be enough? Goodreads,,, My review:

Guest Author Natalie Taylor

I decided to have a bit of a change in the way I interview guest authors, so without further ado let me tell you about Natalie Taylor.

Natalie Taylor Author

I recently read Natalie’s first book and reviewed it here on the blog. Here is a reminder of the review;

The Desire to Touch (The Desire to Duology Book 1)The Desire to Touch by N. Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book grew on me, I was a little hesitant at the start and thought the main character was going to be a spoilt brat, but then we started to get hints of deeper issues. The snippets of information became intriguing and more characters came into the scene, I wanted to know answers about the family just like Ellie. I’m glad the book ended on a cliff hanger, there were too many ends to tie up. The book does contain adult material which is handled well and I’m glad there is a depth to the story which I’m sure will continue in the next book.

Check out the book here on or here on

Let’s find out a bit more about Natalie;

1) Where is your home town?
I currently live in Flintshire, North Wales – UK but I grew up in Surrey. I live in a nice little town called Flint, where on a good day you can see the River Dee but on rainy ones it’s mainly clouds – all the best bits of living on the side of a very small mountain. (Sorry I’ve just got to sing…Flintstones, meet the Flintstones…like you’ve never heard that before!) Sorry serious face back on, let’s carry on…
2) What inspired you to write “The Desire to Touch”?
For years I’d had this reoccurring fantasy of what it would be like to meet a certain movie star (no names mentioned lol). (Oh Go on we won’t tell anyone!) I ended up making the fantasy into a dream and thought to myself, ‘Well maybe this would make a pretty good book one day.’
3) Can you describe Ellie’s character, from your book, to our readers?
Ellie is a 24 year old girl, who in the past few years has had to deal with the most horrific circumstances of her life. She used to be loud, brash and outgoing but now she is timid, quiet and tries to stay out of the limelight. She over thinks everything and second guesses herself at every opportunity with the help of her “Angel & Devil” advisers  (which are her coping mechanism). Throw into the mix that she is clumsy – she’s your all round average girl.
4) Ellie has a hidden past which is hinted at throughout the book, did you plan the reveal or did it evolve with the book?
I always planned to reveal, I just wasn’t sure when. So in truth it was a bit of both, it was planned but the reason’s to when it came out had evolved with the plot line.
5) There is adult material in your book, I read an article once advising writers about getting into “The Zone” before attempting to write any form of erotica, do you find it easy to write or do you set aside a time and place to write those scenes?
When it came to the ‘naughty’ scenes I definitely had to be in the zone. Some times it’s easy enough for me to write it and others I have to go back to it when I can completely submerge myself into the mood. I have a son who tends to hang around me in the evenings so I can’t write anything until he’s in bed, having cartoons on in the background has an impeding affect on the thought process lol! So in the evenings I sit at my desk with my headphones in my ears and as soon as I find the right song, I put it on repeat until it’s written.
6) Do you think there is always room for more romance fiction? Why do you think women devour romance books?
I believe there is endless opportunities for the romantic fiction genre – its something that most women and men love to read, I just feel that it’s about making it more exciting for the reader. Personally I love romance books because I fall in love with the characters and dream of meeting the hunky, heroic man myself one day. The books are a great escape, if only for a little while, into a world that someone else has created for me to enjoy.
7) You said you started writing after you and your friends read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “The Crossfire trilogy” I know of a couple of men who read “Fifty Shades of Grey” How do you think romance could be sold to more men?
I’m not sure, I guess each read is a case of personal taste, not everyone is going to like what the person next to them likes. Possibly more books from the male perspective?
8) Ellie’s story continues in “The Desire to Love”, are you planning your next book?
“The Desire to love” is now available on Amazon – which has been received well so far. I am currently writing another adult romantic fiction book currently called ‘Play me Away’ which I hope will be ready for sale in October.
If you are interested in “The Desire to Love”, follow either of these links; or
A BIG thank you to Natalie for being my guest today and Good Luck with the new book, I’ll be posting my review of “The Desire to Love” in a few days time.

The Desire to Touch by Natalie Taylor

TThe Desire to Touch (The Desire to Duology Book 1)he Desire to Touch by N. Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book grew on me, I was a little hesitant at the start and thought the main character was going to be a spoilt brat, but then we started to get hints of deeper issues. The snippets of information became intriguing and more characters came into the scene, I wanted to know answers about the family just like Ellie. I’m glad the book ended on a cliff hanger, there were too many ends to tie up. The book does contain adult material which is handled well and I’m glad there is a depth to the story which I’m sure will continue in the next book.

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