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The Beauty Thief – Rachael Ritchey


The Beauty Thief follows the story of Princess Caityn, a down-to-earth girl who is to be married the Prince Theiandar in a few days’ time although an upsetting event befalls and leaves the royal families no choice but to postpone the wedding until all can be resolved.

Each of Theiandar’s men in his guard have their own unique traits which all work together to aid Caityn in returning to her former self.

On their journey around the Twelve Realms multiple events occur often leaving the group in a situation, whether that be many soldiers harmed or an undecided plan they can’t let it interfere on their mission.

As the reader, you feel for Caityn when she undergoes this change and hope that Theiandar and his guard can complete their quest before the Lunar Eclipse.

I found the story enjoyable although not as fast-paced as I am used to but it did pick up towards the end of the novel. Everything is revealed, who the Beauty Thief is and what his plans are and how they can potentially be stopped by Theiandar.

Thank you to Rosie Amber for sending me this book review.

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The Beauty Thief by @RachaelRitchey #YA #Fantasy #Bookreview

The Beauty Thief (Twelve Realms, #1)The Beauty Thief by Rachael Ritchey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Beauty Thief is a YA fantasy most suited for young readers of this genre with its fairy tale style storyline and dialogue to fit. Caityn is a Princess of Taisce a Kingdom which is just one of twelve in the realm. At just 18 years old she is about to marry Prince Theiandar when a dark entity steals her beauty. She awakes as an old grey haired, wrinkled hag, her outer beauty has been stolen and her inner beauty too. She is no longer caring, loving and compassionate, instead she is cold, angry and rude.

Determined to get back his love, Theiandar sets out to find the answers to the ancient spell. First from the historic records office and then in a search for a ruby to pierce an amulet. Caityn travels with Theiandar and his constant love helps slowly to restore her outer beauty but he must destroy the amulet to return her inner beauty.

The thief wants Caityn’s beauty to give him longevity, in a ritual he will perform at the lunar eclipse. A race is on to find the thief and the components to stop him, and save Caityn.

This is the first book in a series with more adventures with the thief expected.

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