Sarah’s Survival Guide by Cynthia Harrison

Sarah's Survival GuideSarah’s Survival Guide by Cynthia Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah’s Survival Guide is a short story. It is a companion story for a character from “The Paris Notebook”, but it is easily read as a stand alone story too. Sarah is a pregnant college student who is forced to find her own feet when her mother gives her the ultimatum; Have an abortion or leave my house.

It’s about growing up fast and facing your responsibilities. Sarah is lucky she finds help from her teacher, Deena. This snowballs into help from another teacher and her son. Myra has had a fall and needs someone to help her while she recovers. David will pay Sarah to look after his mother and also helps Sarah find a waitressing job.

I wasn’t sure of the relationship between David and Sarah, my mind went off on its own and I imagined him to be years older than he actually was, thus I judged him and his motives poorly, until I was slapped in the face by the ending.

Sarah was lucky, she had friends and support when she needed them most. An interesting read.

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