Discussing Book Genres

Are Book Genres fixed?

A good friend and blog reader asked me to write a post defining some of the genres I write about in my book reviews. With particular reference to the differences between New Adult, Young Adult and Teen fiction. There are, as you can probably imagine, many differing views when you start researching a subject like this, so I’ve put together some general definitions which I find fit with the books I’ve read, and then I thought I’ll open it up for some discussion.

Teen Fiction: Generally this can be put into the age brackets of 10-15 years.

Young Adult: This is often targeting the 16-25 years age bracket, but with the emergence of the New Adult genre, I would personally lower this to 16-19. For me it covers the transformation from adolescence to young adults, first loves, leaving home, college, learning to drive, drinking, parties.

New Adult: This crosses the Young Adult age bracket and is generally for 18-25 years. For me these books will contain characters who use strong language, first sexual relationships, first jobs, university students. They are more experienced with life and the storylines will reflect that.

 I find the edges really blur between Young adult and New adult and with the explosion of books about vampires, wizards and the supernatural. There are varying levels of horror and violence that these contain.

I enjoy reading books from both the Young adult and New adult genres when mixed in with my other reading material. I’m not one who enjoys alot of horror, violence or erotica, so they often suit my mood.

Over to you…

So what about you? How would you define the genres?

Is New adult just a new marketing scam?

Do you enjoy reading from these genres?

A high percentage of adults read from these genres, do you think this is because they follow a trend for shorter books?

If I Die by Rachel Vincent

I’m pleased to bring you another book review from the very talented young book reviewer Bethany.

If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5)            ‘If I Die’ by Rachel Vincent


In this book, the climax of Rachel Vincent’s series Soul Screamers, Kaylee – a teen banshee who can predict death – must face her own knell.  As she faces her final few days, leaving her family and friends safe and happy proves to be harder than she first thought. I love the way Vincent captures the adrenaline and energy of the characters in this book. It is a great bit of supernatural teen fiction, which manages to entice its audience without the help of werewolves and vampires.