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🎶Chain saws to the right of me, house renovations to the left – stuck in the middle with you!🎶

It’s been a noisy week. One neighbour has been having trees cut down and the stumps removed. The other neighbour has recently moved in and is fully renovating the house and garden. The upside is that we will get more light in the garden and less leaf fall onto our plot in the autumn.

Six photos from my garden for May 28th
Six on Saturday 28th May

Starting this week with the view of the front rose which I have trailing along the porch. Nestled in the decorative watering can above the hanging basket, a robin has made its nest. I’m hoping that the rose will protect the nest from the marauding magpies.

Climbing yellow roses on the front of my house
Yellow roses

Second photo is of a pot of mixed coloured dwarf dahlias. I’ve planted the whole packet and have more seedlings coming through in stages. They were great germinators on the conservatory windowsill. The dwarf size appeals to me as hopefully they won’t need staking.

Mixed colour Dwarf Dhalias from my garden
Mixed colour Dwarf Dahlias

The next photo is of the delicious scented Honeysuckle. It always makes me think of my Gran who liked Honeysuckle but always claimed that it gave her hay-fever.

Honeysuckle from my garden

Fourth photo is of the everlasting Geraniums which are just coming into flower. I have planted cuttings of these elsewhere around the garden as they seem happy growing in these soils.

Pink everlasting Geraniums from my garden
Pink everlasting Geraniums

The next photo is of the super strength Harebells that are elbowing their way out of the swamp of the Kolkwitzia which is threatening their existence. I have taken a cutting of the Harebells and planted it elsewhere in the garden and the Kolkwitzia (thank you Harriet for naming this plant) will be getting a haircut after it finishes flowering.

Harebells from my garden

Final photo this week goes to this Sweet William grown from a cutting. I shall take more cuttings as this was a success.

Sweet Williams from my garden
Sweet Williams

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Six photos from my garden for May 28th
Six on Saturday 28th May


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