Discovering Mexico by Swarupa N Ovalekar

Discovering MexicoThis is another book by talented author Swarpa. It details her passion and love of Mexico which she discovered during the time she spent there whist working abroad. Swarupa embraces the people, places and culture of Mexico and has presented it in a colourful and informative book. Set out in a format which follows Swarupa as she discovers the delights of Mexico for herself. There are easy to read maps, beautiful photographs and plenty of personal views.

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Discovering Mexico:

Mexico: The Country, It’s History and The Maya World by Swarupa N Ovalekar

Mexico - The Country, Its History & the Maya WorldThis is a beautiful book written by an author who is passionate about Mexico. The book contains lots of photographs that depict Mexico, it’s people, their culture, history and their landscape. Mexico has 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites so there is much to see. Swarupa’s book covers the geography, people, religion, economy, education and tourism in the first chapters. it then moves on to Ancient Mexico and the Maya people coming forward through invasion and independence to the modern day.

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Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World:

To find out more about Swarupa follow this link to a recent author interview here on the blog.

A Guide to Mexican Cuisine by Swarupa N Ovalekar

A Guide To Mexican CuisineThis is an unusual book for me to review, but I was gifted the book by the author and there are some beautiful pictures within and a comprehensive introduction to Mexican cuisine. The book covers the ingredients that are used in Mexican cooking, Mexican traditions, the Mexican diet. It moves on to discuss tradition crops and foods available for Mexican’s in their daily diet. Swarupa also looks at the Spanish and French influences on the Mexican dishes and ingredients. There is a chapter on food common during Mexican festivities and a very detailed glossary of terms. It should be noted that this is not a recipe book, but a book about Mexican food.

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