🌻A Week In Flowers Challenge #GardeningTwitter #Flowers #AWeekInFlowers Day #6

I am joining in with A Week In Flowers blogging challenge brought to you from Cathy at Words And Herbs. I recently enjoyed taking part in the #AlphabettyBlooms challenge over on Twitter and what better way than to keep the lovely colours of summer going with this new challenge.

From now until December 6th, post one or two pictures of flowers to brighten up the winter days for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Then drop your blog link into Cathy.

My choice of flower for day six is the Sunflower. Nothing says ‘summer’ as much as one of these in my garden. This year I planted multiple varieties of them which was so much fun. I’ve dried the heads for the seeds too.

Own Photo of a red, Velvet Queen sunflower
Velvet Queen Sunflower
Own photo of Sunflower Valentine
Sunflower Valentine
Own photo of my sunflo
Flower heads on my Sunflower

😎Hello Summer! #Flowers From My #EnglishCountryGarden for #SixonSaturday June 4th. #GardeningTwitter #summerflowers🌞

Wow! It’s June already, the sixth month of the year. It may be a double bank holiday weekend here in the UK, but there’s plenty going on in the garden.

Own photo of six flowers from my garden for the Six On Saturday meme
Six flowers from my garden on June 4th

My first photo is of the these lovely pink Peonies which have just had a sprinkling of rain. I don’t know the name of them as they were all here when we moved in.

Own photo of pink Peonies after the rain from my garden
Pink Peonies

Second photo goes to another Peony, this one is creamy white and has a delicate pink centre.

Own photo of a white Peony from my own garden
White Peony

Third photo is of the Birds-Foot Trefoil which I am growing for the pollinators. There’s a hover-fly (I think) enjoying them in this picture.

Own photo of Birds-Foot Trefoil and a Hover Fly from my garden
Birds-Foot Trefoil and a Hover Fly

Fourth picture is of a pot of Gazania, bought as plug plants last year from Sarah Raven and re-flowering once more.

Own photo of pink Gazania from my own garden
Pink Gazania

Fifth photo is of two red Anemone from my mixed pack which I also featured a couple of weeks ago. They are quite striking with their almost black centre and then a ring of white.

Own photo of red Anemones from my garden
Red Anemones

Last photo is of the first of my sunflowers, although not very tall, this one is Helios Flame. I’m quite surprised to see flowers on them this early in summer.

Own photo of a Helios Flame sunflower from my garden
Helios Flame Sunflower

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Six On Saturday flowers June 4th
Six on Saturday flowers June 4th


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Butch Ginger And The Sundance Kids #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #GardenTwitter 🌞🌺🌼

Brrr! It’s freezing once more. Think of me sat watching my son play cricket this afternoon. I’ll be the one in gloves, coat and a blanket.

First photo goes to a plant that Fred (I think it was Fred) inspired me to try; Butch, my ginger plant. Back on February 8th I planted a ginger root and waited and waited and waited (while keeping it moist under a plastic bag). Then quite recently a green shoot appeared and now it’s growing at a speedy rate. When will I know when to harvest it?

Photo two is some Alium, they are a funny plant, they throw out lots of foliage for a long time ahead of the flowers. Most of the under-gardeners here don’t like them, but when they do flower, they are quite pretty.

Third photo goes to the first flowers on this Weigela. Last year it flowered profusely. It also grows well and it is tempting to prune it hard each year, but I have found that it needs a year of free growth for it to flower the following Spring.

Next is a pot of Lobularia. These were five plug plants bought from Sarah Raven last year, they survived the winter and look to be growing once more. They kept some of the flowers all through the winter. I love the honey fragrance that they give off.

A bit of fun with my sunflower kids. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the #SunflowerChallenge2022. Last week I planted some of my tallest sunflowers out as they were looking peaky. It was a gamble with the forecast and I have them wrapped at night with a fleece, but they have greened up. The fence that they will grow up was boring, so I got out some paints to give the plants some growing inspiration.

Final photo is of the flourishing rock roses, only the white ones are out at the moment, I have pink ones ready to burst into bloom soon. Perhaps like me they are waiting for the sun to return.

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening



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