Make Christmas less Stressful

I’m hearing you groan already! Not another person talking about Christmas! But the fact is, it comes around every year on the same date and is one of the most stressful times of the year. Here’s a few ideas to make it less painful;

1) This week agree where you will be for Christmas Day, or who you will invite and make that call. Relatives will thank-you for being up front. Bite the bullet if you don’t want someone. Then they have plenty of time to organise another venue.

2) Make a list of presents before you are faced with all the gift wrapped items that the shop want you to buy. Think laterally about presents; magazine subscriptions last a year, bird feeders and seeds help the wildlife and the birds are great to watch.

3) Get a pretty box and fill with Christmas cards, stamps and addresses. Keep it near and you’ll be tempted to write a few each day. You may have time to put in a note about your news this year.

4) Book a day in November to do all your Christmas shopping. Go on your own or with a friend. Start with a coffee, then agree to meet back up for a late lunch. Then split up again in the afternoon.

5) Buy all the wrapping paper, and general household extras needed over the holiday period before the shop get manic. Make a list and tick items off as you go.

6) Book a Turkey as soon as possible. Buy chocolate, biscuits and wine soon because the shops are doing offers like 3 for 2.

7) Plan Something different for Boxing Day. Many places are open all year round except Christmas Day. A few years ago we went to London Zoo on Boxing Day, it was practically empty, and the drive into London was easy as there was very little traffic.

8) Get a Flu jab, no one likes being ill! Lots of places are doing them now for less than £10.

9) Plan to enjoy yourself, do something for you and refuse to let the stressed out miserable gits get you down.

Merry Christmas!