Stranger Or Friend by Silvia Villalobos @Silvia_Writes #Murder #Mystery

Stranger or FriendStranger or Friend by Silvia Villalobos

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stranger or Friend is a murder mystery set in Wyoming. Zoe Sinclair has returned home in time for Christmas, she is re-locating from LA to look after her mother. Looking forward to catching up with childhood friend Lori, Zoe is shocked when Sheriff Nolan Fox arrives on the doorstep with news of Lori’s murder.

Small town Pine Vale has shock waves running through it, serious crime doesn’t happen here. The wheels of investigation turn slowly, too slow for Zoe. Fingers point to outsiders, transitional workers, people moving into the area. Lori’s boyfriend has an alibi, but when a second body turns up and Zoe is attacked she demands the County step in to lend a hand.

New neighbours, the Herods, are secretive, a mystery figure runs in the woods and Zoe finds clues which she can’t stick together. Distracted by her Mother’s angina attacks and her own injuries, Zoe soon finds herself in deep trouble.

I Liked the opening of the book, the descriptions of the wildness surrounding Pine Vale were very good. I personally didn’t warm to Zoe I thought she was easily distracted from her lines of thought, jumping from one suspect to another, but she got there in the end.

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