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Honour's RestHonour’s Rest by Judith Crow

4 stars

Honour’s Rest is book one of The Rite Way series of young adult magical fantasy stories. The story is set manly in Scotland and is about a teenage boy who discovers that he has inherited an ability to manipulate things around him in a magical process known as The Rite.

Pendragon (Pen) Devon is sent to stay with his uncle in a remote Scottish castle after pushing a school bully into a lake. Even though Pen was sitting in the library at the time, this was the first example of The Rite appearing in Pen. He must learn to control The Rite under the tutelage of his Uncle Napier, who is the Rendelf or overseer of The Rite in all of the United Kingdom. During their time together Pen makes friends with Marley and Niamh, two youngsters who will help him with all the responsibilities that becoming the Rendelf’s apprentice holds.

I enjoyed this story; the world-building was good and the Scottish setting was delightful. There’s quite a lot for Pen to learn and he often gets angry, which became a bit boring after a while. However, it didn’t detract from the main narrative which moved at a good pace. The book ends with a good set-up for the next one in the series which I shall look forward to reading.

There were aspects of the story which reminded me of Harry Potter: the Scottish castle with its loch, a young boy growing into his magic, two friends to help him on his adventures and someone to teach him who I couldn’t help picturing as Professor Snape. So if you enjoy similar magical adventures, then this might be a good series to start reading.

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Desc 1

“So, it’s – what – like magic?”

No, according to Pen’s uncle, the Rite is not magic at all. But, if it’s not magic, then how could Pen push the school bully into a pond while he was really studying alone in the library?

When Pen’s family realise he has the Rite, he is sent to live with his Uncle Napier, who can help him control his ability.

But Napier has other duties. He is the Rendelf, in charge of the Rite in the UK, and he has gathered many enemies over the years…

…enemies who would be delighted to use Pen against him.

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