Guest Interview with Julia Hughes

Today Julia Hughes is my guest. I plan to read and review Julia’s book here on the blog in the near future. I love the tip about pretending you are stuck to your seat with glue! Here are Julia’s replies;

1) Tell me your name
Julia Hughes – I write under my maiden name so I don’t embarrass the sons! 
2) Where do you live?
The last village in London – a fact that also annoys the sons – they’d much rather be living among the bright lights, but marching over the fields with my dogs is when I really have a chance to think, and see things as they might be – if only the story had panned out differently …
3)When did you start writing?
At a very early age. With another primary school friend I co-wrote a screen play for a television series – I remember it was about the French resistance. I cannot remember why we decided on that subject – but it became awfully complicated as it seemed the entire school wanted a part. 
4)What type of books do you like writing the most?
Without sounding flippant, if I don’t think my current WIP is my favourite book ever, I know I’m doing something wrong. I don’t write in any one genre, this is the beauty of being indie. “An Explosive Time”, the third in the Celtic Cousins’ Adventures was my attempt at writing a ‘thriller’ and that was a lot of fun, but I think most of the credit can go to Stephen Spencer who is a master at the craft of mystery/thrillers. 
5)Pass on 3 tips about writing or publishing.
1. Pretend there is glue on your chair, and if you can’t complete your word count for that day, write the equivalent word count in excuses. It’s surprising how quickly “Writer’s Block” skulks away and doesn’t trouble you again.  
2. Read the bestsellers in your genre – read as a reader, and then as a critic, and then break the story down – what works for you – what doesn’t – I’m not saying you should adopt another writer’s style, but you will become more knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of story telling via the medium of print.  
3. Cherish your beta readers and critique partners. 
6)What was the last book that you read? How would you rate it?
Stephen King’s 11/22/63 – Excellent. I loved the way Mr King deals with the consequences of time travel, and meddling with pivotal moments in history. It’s fair to say I lapped it up. 
7)Now choose just one of your books and add a link to it.
“The Griffin Cryer” is my latest release, and is a YA fantasy suitable for everyone who’s ever dreamed of flying on the back of a griffin: One link serves all Amazon sites:
Monday catch my book review of “Tick Tock Run” by H Elliston and on Tuesday we are back with another guest author, Stephanie Hurt. Plus watch out for a new and exciting addition to the blog coming soon.