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Gyre (Atlas Link, #1)Gyre by Jessica Gunn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gyre is Young Adult/ New Adult Scifi and book #1 of the Atlas Link series. The book opens in Boston, but most of the action takes place aboard a top secret Navy vessel known as SeaSatellite5.

Chelsea, an archaeology student and rock singer, meets Trevor Bancore one evening. He stops Chelsea being assaulted. Trevor is on the run; for him, there is no escaping a war over time travel, fought between two ancient races.

Three months later Chelsea is confronted by her cheating boyfriend, and her anger unleashes a hidden power within her. She teleports to a top secret naval vessel, where a serious security breach occurs and she is rescued by the intervention of Dr Helen Gordon.

Helen believes Chelsea has an ancient Atlantean gene. However, Chelsea knows nothing of such an ancestry link. Seasatellite5 is currently searching the oceans for ancient artefacts; to keep Chelsea safe and train her, she is offered an internship, helping with the archaeology finds. Chelsea has few choices and is also strongly attracted to Trevor, who works on the vessel, so accepts the post.

The team discover an ancient outpost, but news of the discovery draws interest from others. Trevor has not been totally honest with Chelsea about his own background; when the sub is hijacked by a group of Lemurians, Chelsea discovers just who the enemy is.

As with the start of any series, there is a lot of background information to digest. I enjoyed the theme of Atlantis and the war with Lemuria being documented in history books with connections to lost cities. The association with ancient artefacts becoming travel portals is good, and I can see this leading into the next books in the series.

There is a large cast of characters; I wanted the secondary significant players to be easier to picture, especially for later scenes involving fast action and multiple characters. Currently these were weaker areas of the book, and I found it hardest to picture scenes featuring Lemurian powers.

The scifi fantasy genre allows for creativity of both characters and new worlds. Chelsea is transformed from student to super soldier. Trevor creates and plays computer games like many teenagers, but holds down a top engineering job. I don’t think we’ve seen his real strength yet; in this book he holds much of the storyline together, but has a far lesser role than Chelsea. Were they believable? On the whole I think they were; a few times I would have liked to see their dialogue tightened, and some of the high emotion scenes didn’t work for me. The strength of the book, however, is the possibility of Atlantis and Lemuria being real, and how the author will develop this throughout the series.

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Book Description

Chelsea didn’t try to teleport. All she wanted was to play the Battle of the Bands show. But after accidentally teleporting onto classified Navy vessel SeaSatellite5, all she’s rocking is the boat. 

Once it’s sorted out that Chelsea’s not a threat, SeaSat5’s top scientist offers Chelsea a position on the crew as an archaeology intern. Dr. Gordon studies people with powers, believing them to be descendants of Atlantean refugees, except Chelsea’s powers are beyond anything on previous record. 

While great for everyone else onboard, the miracle of Chelsea is Trevor’s worst nightmare. The same girl who’d given him a brief lifeline to sanity three months ago literally fell from the sky, under a mile of ocean, and onto the very station where he’s employed. Making matters worse, Trevor’s family are Lemurians, Atlantis’s enemy, and Chelsea’s presence is unpredicted—a wrench in an already unstable situation. But Trevor wants no part of his family’s war. The only thing he wants is Chelsea, Atlantean or not. 

Days into Chelsea’s sudden appearance, SeaSatellite5 uncovers Atlantean ruins and a massive artifact cache, placing its entire, hundred-man crew in the crosshairs of an ancient war. There are those who want the Atlantean relics inside the ruins destroyed, and only Trevor knows the treasures for what they really are: Link Pieces, tools used by the ancient civilizations for their time-travel war. 

With lies and shifting alliances abound, Chelsea and Trevor will have to think fast in order to save the station. If they don’t, the Lemurians will seize the artifacts and Atlantis will be destroyed forever.

About the author

Jessica Gunn

Jessica Gunn is a New Adult author and avid science-fiction and fantasy fan. Her favorite stories are those that transport the reader to other, more exciting worlds. When not working or writing, she can be found binge-watching Firefly and Stargate, or feeding her fascination of the ancient world’s many mysteries. Jessica also holds a degree in Anthropology.

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New York, New York, is there a marathon on? Road-Tripping #Travel #MondayBlogs

Welcome to my series of road-trips, this weeks memory is from when the hubster and I went to New York for five days.

FIVE DAYS! Surely a couple of country mice can survive the city for five days?

Not long after the hubster and I (still pre marriage and no kids) moved into our first home together, the hubster got a job working nights for weeks on end. This didn’t quite match my image of “playing house” and although I understood the need for work, I got the hump about it after several months. So feeling guilty he treated me to a surprise trip to New York.

Shock number #1 middle isle seats on the aeroplane, with no view out of the window, I’d always got a window seat when flying, I love looking down on the world. So there’s me getting the shock of my life when shortly after take off there is such a loud noise below me that it had me convinced the plane was falling apart. (Hands up who guessed I was sat over the retracting wheels?)

JFK was busy and we took a taxi to our hotel down a street off of Times Square. Our room was tiny and we had a disagreement over the price on check-in, apparently there was a little running event taking place that weekend and room rates were through the roof (ahem, we hadn’t noticed the signs about the  New York Marathon!)

I’m sure loads of you readers have been to New York, but for those who haven’t, click on some of the links that might interest you. Looking back we tended to visit outside places, however we did go to Macy’s, Bloomingdales and FAO Schwarz for a bit of shopping. We took a boat trip around Manhattan, then bought tickets for the tourist hopper bus, just sitting on here doing the route round was a great experience. We went to Staten Island, the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers (yes it was way before 9/11), cycled around Central Park, bought discount tickets in Times Square to see Grease on stage and one afternoon took a pot luck ticket at a cinema and watched a film called “Stargate” which was to become one of our favourite TV sciFi shows a few years later.

With a city which never sleeps, and pounding our feet on concrete pavements, five days was enough. We nearly missed our flight home as roads were clogged with all the post marathon decamp from the city, good job our flight was delayed, home we came to the green, green countryside, peace and quiet – Phew!

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Next week a honeymoon in Mauritius

THE WILD BLUE by Melissa Scott @StargateNovels #SciFi #Stargate #TuesdayBookBlog

STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Wild Blue (SGX-05) (Stargate extras: novellas and short stories)STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Wild Blue (SGX-05) by Melissa Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Wild Blue is a companion novella to the Stargate Atlantis TV series and follows on from more companion books from The Legacy series. Atlantis has made a delicate peace with the Wraith after they helped a faction take down Queen Death who wanted to unite the Wraith and destroy all humans.

This book is about Ronan Dex and his people of Sateda who are rebuilding their world. Looking for more power sources they go inland and consider the feasibility of restoring an old hydro electric power station. Drones are sent over the land in constant search of useful resources and any signs of groups of people who survived the last Wraith cull.

There are concerns that a group of explorers are missing in the hills and pilot Mel Hocken gets the go ahead to use a reconstructed aeroplane to search deeper inland. When her plane goes down, it now becomes a search and rescue job for Ronan in the Wild Blue Mines.

A very good quick read this book also includes the popular characters Dr Zelenka and Major Lorne from the Atlantis gate team.

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I reviewed this book on Amazon as part of #AugustReviews

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KALI’S WRATH by Keith R.A DeCandido @KRADeC @StargateNovels #Stargate #TuesdayBookBlog #SciFi

Kali's Wrath (Stargate SG1 #28)Kali’s Wrath by Keith R.A. DeCandido
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kali’s Wrath is a Sci-Fi novel based on the TV series Stargate and is a new companion adventure to the shows for the SG-1 team. The book opens with a prologue for a mission to P3X-418 and standard recon for SG-7, however they are attacked by invisible beings called Reetou, and temporarily saved by some Jaffa.

The Jaffa belong to the Goa’uld Kali, whom they call The Mother Goddess, more Reetou take out the Jaffa who then try to capture SG-7 and only Captain Patel makes it home. With her she brings Kali’s first Prime who took a blast which saved her life.

SG-1 are sent in but O’Neill, Carter and Jackson become trapped when explosives send the gate plunging into an ice cold sea. Trapped on Imphal they are then kidnapped by Kali herself who wants Carter to help with a weapon and Jackson to open peace negotiations with the Reetou.

A rescue mission is planned with the added bonus of help from the Tok’ra and Master Bra’tac making this an action packed episode. There were clever back stories informing the reader about the System Lord Kali and how she fit into the many Goa’uld leaders, as well as enough background on the lead characters for first time readers to feel involved, but not too much to bore dedicated fans of the TV series.

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RISING STARGATE ATLANTIS by @Sally_Malcolm @StargateNovels #SciFi #SundayBlogShare #Stargate

Stargate Week

This week I’ve been bringing you reviews of 7 books linked with the Stargate TV series.

I fell in love with the series back in 1994 when hubby and I were in New York. We decided to go to the movies one afternoon, not having heard of any of the films on offer, we randomly chose the fist original Stargate Movie, when the series eventually aired in the UK we couldn’t wait to watch and I went on to get all the season box-sets and films so that I could watch them over and over.

With companion books to the series now available, I can now indulge in more from my favourite TV characters. I originally bought my first companion books for my hubby, but couldn’t resist reading them myself, even if it did take a year to get through my TBR pile before I could reach them, perhaps the wait was meant to be.

I recently reviewed Sunrise, posting my review and even making a YouTube video about the book which I had enjoyed so much, that when Stargate Novels contacted me about reviewing some more of their books, I jumped at the chance, this week will be a mix of books jumping all around the Stargate Seasons, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did reading them.

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Stargate Atlantis: Rising (Stargate Atlantis, #1)Stargate Atlantis: Rising by Sally Malcolm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rising is the initial story about the Stargate discovery of Atlantis, and was used as one of the TV episodes. There are a few differences between the book and the TV showing because of filming some of the scenes. However fans of the series will instantly rediscover the thrills the team had making their way to a new galaxy.

The Ancients left a clue for others to find in a place which over millennia became buried under miles of snow and ice, after a recent huge showdown with Apothis the Stargate team had discovered and made use of the weapons to save Earth. Now they want to find out more and the scientists have moved in. Two people have shown they have the Ancient gene which allows them to use the technology.

Daniel Jackson knows he’s on the verge of a giant historical occasion as he works to understand the gate address of the Atlantis home world. By chance Jack O’Neill brings along a young pilot whilst visiting the Antarctica site and when he is drawn to the Ancient chair they discover he also has the gene to work the technology.

Elizabeth Weir persuades Jack to let them go ahead with the mission to Atlantis, her team include; Lietenant Ford, John Sheppard, Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Rodney McKay, all names who will play a major role in the Stargate Atlantis episodes.

Fans will remember that when the team arrive on Atlantis, their first bumbling explorations in the city drain it of it’s last ounces of energy. They go out in search of a new power source, finding Teyla Emmagan and her people and waking up the fearful Wraith from their sleep.

The TV episode were played in two parts, but here in this book you get them all in one story. It was good to go back to the beginning of the Atlantis timeline and revisit how it all began.


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One of the reason I love Stargate is the fun dialogue. Here’s a quote from Stargate SG-1 Lost City: Part 1

[Anubis is planning to attack in three days]
Colonel Jack O’Neill: Three days from now’s a Thursday. Thursday’s not good for us.

All this week I’ve been ending each post with a discussion topic. Today it has to be…If you could go through the Stargate to any planet or place the TV series went to where would that be and why?

Mine would be to visit The NOX, they fascinated me with their peaceful caring way of life.

Where would you like to go and why?

I’d like to thank StargateNovels for all their support this week.

HOSTILE GROUND APOCALYPSE 1 Stargate SG-1 by @Sally_Malcolm #SciFi #Stargate @StargateNovels

Stargate Week

This week I’m bringing you reviews of 7 books linked with the Stargate TV series.

I fell in love with the series back in 1994 when hubby and I were in New York. We decided to go to the movies one afternoon, not having heard of any of the films on offer, we randomly chose the fist original Stargate Movie, when the series eventually aired in the UK we couldn’t wait to watch and I went on to get all the season box-sets and films so that I could watch them over and over.

With companion books to the series now available, I can now indulge in more from my favourite TV characters. I originally bought my first companion books for my hubby, but couldn’t resist reading them myself, even if it did take a year to get through my TBR pile before I could reach them, perhaps the wait was meant to be.

I recently reviewed Sunrise, posting my review and even making a YouTube video about the book which I had enjoyed so much, that when Stargate Novels contacted me about reviewing some more of their books, I jumped at the chance, this week will be a mix of books jumping all around the Stargate Seasons, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did reading them.

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Hostile GroundHostile Ground by Sally Malcolm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hostile Ground Apocalypse 1 is a companion book to the Stargate SG-1 TV series and is set after the TV episode called Stargate SG-1: One Hundred Days, for fans who like to ground themselves in the story timelines.

SG-1 are on a mission, they are under heavy attack, Daniel has been seriously wounded and they are under heavy fire as they throw themselves through the gate radioing for immediate medical assistance. However when the gate shuts, they are not at the SGC they are on a cold lifeless planet with a war-torn gate, no DHD and a landscape which looks like an apocalypse struck.

They urgently need to get home for two reasons, Daniel’s severe wound and the secret secondary mission that Jack O’Neill is running. There is a rogue mole in the SGC one tipping the balance of peace for Earth with her current allies the Tollan and the Asgard and Jack is the only one the aliens trust to find the truth.

As time runs out the team try to find signs of civilisation and help. They run into a primitive people with advanced weapons who speak of flesh eating snatchers, and rumours of a resistance. SG-1 head off in search of a dangerous enemy but one who might hold the key to opening the stargate.

An aerial dogfight reveals to SG-1 that the Goa’uld are fighting the snatchers, but SG-1’s choice to help one of these creatures lands them in real hot water. They witness the eating habits of their new captors whilst held in their ship, only just managing to escape.

Their only hope now lies with the illusive Dix, rumoured to be first prime of Hecate, a minor system Lord. Should they trust the enemy?

Back at the SGC, with SG-1 missing, the alien alliances break down, the Asgard withdraw their protection and the mighty Goa’uld plan to over-run planet Earth.

Wow! So much going on and all very believable, love the appearance of Maybourne, he can always be relied upon to stir things up. I could just imagine the on-screen characters acting and talking in exactly the way they are portrayed in this book. Fans of the series will soon recognise the flesh eating zombies, I for one was ready to shout at them from the side-lines about who they were. This book ends on a cliff-hanger just like some of the TV series, but luckily I have the next book lined up so I don’t have to wait a week for the story to be continued…..(continue the story yourself in “Exile”)

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One of the reasons I love Stargate is the great dialogue, here are two short lines. The First from Emancipation.

Teal’c: “What is an Oprah?”

The second from Prisoners.

Jack O’Neill: Teal’c? Look scary and take point.

I’m ending today with a discussion….If you could spend the day with Jack O’Neill what would you like to do or ask?

I think I’d like a few lessons in self defence and stealth approach to a dangerous situation and then I’d enjoy chatting to him over a long lunch and listening to his many tales, or we could just hang out fishing in Minnesota.

How would you spend a day with Jack?

THE PRICE YOU PAY by Ashley McConnell #Stargate SG-1 #Bookreview #SciFi #FridayReads

The Price You Pay (Stargate SG-1 #2)The Price You Pay by Ashley McConnell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Price You Pay is a companion book to the Stargate TV series and provides a new mission for the SG-1 team. In this book they go to NPR76309 or M’kwethet as the locals call themselves. The gate is in the town square and the team are asked if they are messengers from the Goa’uld.

This planet of people do not fear the Goa’uld, they have chosen to serve them in return for peace. They provide regular amounts of servants and offerings to keep their peace. The planet are in fact preparing the next batch of chosen, when the team from Earth begin stirring up defiance amongst the chosen.

There is one big problem for SG-1, they can’t find a DHD (Dial Home Device) so they are stuck on the planet. O’Neill and Daniel get themselves places on the next chosen group and are taken to Saqqara an Apophis home world. From here they intend to steal a portable DHD and rescue Sam and Teal’c.

This is the third Stargate companion book I’ve read, all by different authors and they vary in their accuracy to replicate the language, mannerisms and actions of the well known SG-1 team. With the level of fan support the TV series has, companion books need to really reflect the well set out and popular characters. This book tried hard, Teal’c was the best likeness to his TV character and Jack O’Neill was fairy good I didn’t think the author grasped the character of Samantha Carter well at all and Daniel was given thoughts that I didn’t think always fitted with the on-screen character. However the storyline was well thought-out and followed a well liked theme.

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THE POWER BEHIND THE THRONE by Steven Savile #Stargate #SciFi #Bookreview

The Power Behind the ThroneThe Power Behind the Throne by Steven Savile
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Power Behind The Throne is a companion book to the popular SciFi TV series Stargate SG-1. This story is about the team getting a mission to rescue a creature called a Mujina before it falls into the hands of the Goa’uld. Called for assistance by a member of the Tok’ra, SG-1 set off to the planet Vasavada. The rescue goes relatively well, but when they try to return home a gate malfunction sends them to an unknown planet.

They find themselves and the Mujina on an inhospitable planet, with no point of origin they can’t dial back home. The Mujina is a dangerous creature it messes with the team’s minds. They are captured by local people and later taken to the planet’s dictator Corvus Keen.

A scientist called Kelkus has been collecting ancient relics on the planet and uses them to release an ancient God. Readers recognise the slithering snake as a Goa’uld, this one is a system Lord called Iblis who prepares to become the planet’s God and then increase his powers and move on to more worlds.

This book didn’t work for me, there were too many long descriptions of the scenes and pondering of the characters which don’t happen in the TV series. It slowed the pace of the storyline. On TV the characters are well defined by their speech, mannerisms and characteristics, fans know how the team work together in a quick paced storyline. The author wrote Teal’c’s character the best, but missed essential traits of the others and failed to make the teamwork a big enough part. A shame because Stargate is about the SG “Teams”.

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SUNRISE – STARGATE SG-1 by J Francis Crane @Sally_Malcolm #SciFi #FridayReads

Sunrise (Stargate SG-1, #17)Sunrise by J. Frances Crane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sunrise is a companion book to the popular TV series Stargate SG-1
This is another mission for SG-1 as seen by the book authors. I found it very authentic, the character nuances, language and mannerisms fitted my images of the on-screen characters. Jack’s wise-cracks, Daniel’s peace-making, Teal’c’s no-nonsense straight observations and Samantha’s technical know-how, even General Hammond’s gruffness all made me re-live the episodes on TV.

In this mission Jack and the team have found reference to a “Shield of the Gods” found on an abandoned planet which appears to be a research outpost. Jack is reluctant to take on the mission to travel to the home world of these new people, but General Hammond has the final say.

The team arrive on Ierna and are met by Ennis Channon, he is Pastor of the Ark, these people speak a Gaelic based dialect. They have a religious TV channel which daily speaks of the “Message of our Lord”. Their history only goes back 150 years, but when Daniel asks about the Sciath De’, he is met with an uncomfortable silence. These people obviously have secrets.

Ennis’s rebellious daughter Rhionna, makes contact and offers SG-1 some answers, she takes them outside of the Ark into the Badlands where outcasts live in poverty and at the mercy of a severe sun. Here lies a trail of answers and more questions. People from the sea-faring Seachrani arrive to trade and worn of a great storm pending. Soldiers from the Ark come and there is a stand-off, Daniel is Kidnapped, Sam and Teal’c arrested and Jack becomes a stowaway.

I enjoyed this mission and read on way into the night to finish the book as I immersed myself in the world of SG-1.

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Beach Reads Blog Tour 2015 Day 1 #BeachBooks #MondayBlogs

Welcome to Day 1 of this two week Beach Reads Blog Tour.

With a heat wave forecast for this week, here in the UK, what better way to start this tour.

Come pull up a deck chair the view is great….we’ll take you on a virtual holiday of books.

Beach Read Postcard

Each day we’ll be hearing from  a guest telling us about their 5  chosen Beach Read books for 2015.

I’m kicking off the tour with my own holiday reads to share with you all.

My favourite destination would be an easy to get to British Beach with a pre-order of sunshine and warmth. I’m not a fan of a long stressful journey. So I might choose an out of the way spot in Dorset, Devon or Cornwall unless I could have a tailor made holiday with door to door private pick-up, priority through the airport, private staffed villa and private beach which I can arrive at all cool calm and collected.

Beach Reads Drift Wood

While I’m digging my toes in the sand and soaking up the warmth wherever I may be, what shall I be reading?


My first choice is Sunrise by J.F Crane  based on the TV series Stargate – “When a Stargate malfunction throws Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Lt. Colonel Sam Carter, and Teal’c back in time, they only have minutes to live.”
I love that t
his is a thin paperback and I would start this on my holiday journey, it will easily slip into my hand luggage. I’ve only recently discovered these books and that one of my favourite TV series can now be read too is really exciting. It’s not a genre I usually read and I’m looking forward to meeting SG1 all over again. I know I’ll also pass it on to my husband afterwards. Find a copy here from or


My second choice is African Me & Satellite TV by Jo Robinson this book I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I previously bought it as a paperback gift for a friend, but I think I’d read it as an e-book on my Kindle. “Suzette manages very well to live her life without actually taking part in it. She avoids any possibility of pain by very carefully ignoring reality.” I like books about Africa there’s something about the age and knowledge of the continent that pulls me in and this book is highly recommended. Find a copy here from or


My third choice is Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life by Vimala Rodgers. This will be my easy read book, I’ll have this in paperback because I want to flip back and forth through it. I have handwriting which I’d like to improve and what better way than when I  have the time to practise the letters each day whilst I’m free from work and daily life. “When we purposefully change our handwriting, we introduce attitudes that can improve our relationships, give us the impetus to achieve and take risks, and simply bring out the best in us.” Find a copy here from or


I’m a big Nora Roberts fan, so this will be my next choice, Dark Witch by Nora Roberts is a book from one of my favourite genres, this book encompasses Ireland with a paranormal romance. I’ll read this in paperback so I can pass it on to my friends when I’ve finished as they also like Nora Roberts. “With indifferent parents, Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: a land of lush forests, dazzling lakes, and centuries-old legends.” Can’t wait to read this. Find a copy here from or



My final choice is this book,  I Can Do It by Louise L Hay This is my self-help book to help me return from my holiday full of the mojo to get on with my life. I would buy the hardback copy because it comes with a CD for audio listening as well. “change and improve virtually every aspect of your life—by understanding and using affirmations correctly.” I’m always looking for ways to improve my life experience and this is the book for me, it’s up-lifting and positive and just the thing to set in motion whilst away, ready for my return home.

What will you be reading on your holiday? Come back tomorrow for more Beach read recommendations.

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