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Stargate Week

This week I’m bringing you reviews of 7 books linked with the Stargate TV series.

I fell in love with the series back in 1994 when hubby and I were in New York. We decided to go to the movies one afternoon, not having heard of any of the films on offer, we randomly chose the fist original Stargate Movie, when the series eventually aired in the UK we couldn’t wait to watch and I went on to get all the season box-sets and films so that I could watch them over and over.

With companion books to the series now available, I can now indulge in more from my favourite TV characters. I originally bought my first companion books for my hubby, but couldn’t resist reading them myself, even if it did take a year to get through my TBR pile before I could reach them, perhaps the wait was meant to be.

I recently reviewed Sunrise, posting my review and even making a YouTube video about the book which I had enjoyed so much, that when Stargate Novels contacted me about reviewing some more of their books, I jumped at the chance, this week will be a mix of books jumping all around the Stargate Seasons, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did reading them.

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Stargate SG-1: Exile (Book 2 in the Apocalypse series)Stargate SG-1: Exile by Sally Malcolm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Exile is book #2 in The Apocalypse series, a companion book to the Stargate SG-1 TV shows. These books are set between the TV episodes “One Hundred Days” and “Shades Of Grey”. The storyline continues where is left us on a cliff hanger from Book #1 “Hostile Ground”.

We now know that the team are on Earth in the year 2098, the story time slips between this future date and what was happening back in the year 2000. Earth was attacked by the alien Apothis and the key US civil and military leaders were evacuated to Maybourne’s off-world planet which they have named Arbella. They left the rest of Earth’s population to be enslaved by the Goa’uld or die fighting. Colonel Dixon took the second Stargate to Scotland hoping to be remote enough to keep a portal open to safety, but even there the enemy were close.

In 2098 the Wraith group stuck in a broken Hive ship need Jack, they believe he has the ancient blood gene which will help them get back home. They propose a deal, but can they be trusted? Stuck between two enemies The Goa’uld and The Wraith, will SG-1 ever be able to complete their mission and return home? This book still leaves us with unanswered questions, so I’m hoping the next book in the series will soon be published.

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One Of the reasons I love Stargate is the great Dialogue, straight faced Teal’c has some great lines. Here is a quote from Chain Reation.

Teal’c: “On Chulak, when a great warrior retires from the field of battle, it is customary to sing a song of lament. Fortunately we are not on Chulak.”

Today we are ending with a discussion….If you could spend the day with Dr Daniel Jackson what would you like him to teach you and why?

I’d like a crash course in reading some of the ancient languages, like the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Norse and Ancient.

What would you like to learn about and why?