The Silence of Juliet Mann by Joanne Phillips

The Silence of Juliet MannThe Silence of Juliet Mann by Joanne Phillips

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Juliet’s wedding day turns into a disaster when she cannot say her name. She has trouble speaking in public. She remembers painful school days when the English teacher would ask her to read out loud. Her family have swept the issue under the carpet and Juliet has found ways to cope but they don’t deal with the problem.

Juliet has a speech impediment and she gets to a point in her life when she must face it full on. The doctor sent her to a speech therapist but she must first deal with her own shame.

A fundraiser at the museum where she works gives Juliet one last chance to change her life. The author says this book is about facing your fears and can be applied to any problem which stops a person from achieving their dreams.

All profits from sales of this book go to the British Stammering Association, so please do consider buying this lovely short story.

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