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D.I.Y. Magic: A Book of Mind HacksD.I.Y. Magic: A Book of Mind Hacks by Anthony Alvarado
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

D.I.Y Magic is a non-fiction read about tapping in to an inner and outer great source of wisdom. It’s about finding a place where you can relax and send feelers out into the Universe of knowledge and discover awareness and a whole new world. It’s aim is to help any creative artist find new sources of inspiration.

The book is set up in simple easy to read small chapters which cover a wide range of techniques which may take you out of the current material world we live in to a different place. There are no great depth of instructions or discussions on theories, these are quick ideas from which the reader can expand their own thoughts and experiences. A few examples of methods to reach magical discoveries are meditation, automatic writing, dreaming, memory quests, and bibliomancy.

This book tries to re-kindle an awareness that we are more than just our material objects but we are part of a larger experience which our ancestors understood and which many of us have lost but which our inner souls know. We find these moments in pockets of experience in a huge range of emotions such as peaceful connections with nature to adrenaline junkie thrills, but they are times when our brains disconnect with our day to day lives and reconnect with a much larger and inspiring feeling.

This book opens your eyes and makes you think about a whole universe of possibilities.

This review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author via Souvenir Press

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The Magic & Mystery Of Birds by Noah Strycker

Magic & Mystery Of Birds
The Magic & Mystery Of Birds is a non-fiction book which studies bird behaviour. The easy to read book compares many different birds with similar human characteristics through scientific experiments and observation.
Noah has studied birds for many years from all around the world. He has looked at Starling Murmuration or their flock dancing and how they have adapted well to life in US cities. He proves that vultures don’t hunt by smell, but by sight. I learnt that Hummingbirds are small power house fighters, taking part in aerial dog-fights and bullying at feeders.
My favourite chapter was the one on penguins, as it says in the book “It’s hard to be angry with a penguin”. Noah describes them as childlike in their innocent curiosity but they have a genuine fear of seals who will stalk penguins and are a real threat.
There is even a chapter on the common chicken and a look at the literal pecking order of the species. There were several birds types which I hadn’t heard of, the Nutcrackers sounded fun with their spatial memory usage which helped them locate stashes of seeds hoarded to help them survive the winter months.
You don’t have to be an avid bird watcher to enjoy this book, just someone curious to learn a little more about our feathered friends.
A copy of this book was given to me for review by Souvenir Press.
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