God Bless “The Sink Angel”

A free draining bathroom sink really is a thing to be appreciated. Regular followers of my blog know that 2 weeks ago under “Serious Stats” I wrote about my misfortunes with my blocked sink.

Well for another 2 weeks we have tried all sorts of things (Except the obvious, getting in a plumber), the sink has drained slowly, pathetically and not at all. So this weekend my “To Do List” had just 2 items on it. SORT SINK being the most important.

I have discovered that my role in this household is much more than I thought. My moods, motivation, enthusiasm or laziness affect the rest of the family. I watched almost as a visitor the change in the family as I swung into a serious amount of cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering. With only a bit of chivvying on Saturday, off went my husband to the local DIY store for a long drain cleaner. He had minimal success with a fair bit of huffing and puffing. But I continued with my enthusiasm, suggesting a pressure hose (No we wont go there again! Check out my “Just for laughs blog”) and I went to bed sending a little request for a sink angel to whisper advice into my husband’s ear.

Sunday morning, with the sink now totally blocked my husband returned to the DIY store without any nagging for a longer sink cleaner pipe, and Voila! the blockage was removed. A huge hair ball, bigger than any cat could produce seemed to be the problem. Thank-you, Thank-you all good Angels!

Meanwhile I’m  deep into reading “Stress Proof Your Life” By Elisabeth Wilson. Available FREE on Kindle. Perhaps I should lend it to my husband to read! It does talk a lot of sense.

Serious Stats

Did you know that there are now more people in Britain aged 60 years old and above, than there are children up to the age of 16 years old. I was quite shocked by this statistic. It proves that more needs to be done for the people in this large age bracket. There isn’t enough funding and infra-structure to cope with the demand.

Anyway enough of the soap box talk. Today I proved my inadequacy in the domestic front. We have a blocked sink drain. Saturday I poured a type of drain buster down it, but after initial success it didn’t drain again. So Saturday evening I undid some of the pipe work, but couldn’t find a blockage. Then I couldn’t get the fittings back together and owned up to my husband around 9pm that we had water running out of the connections. (I wasn’t popular) Said husband went to the DIY store on Sunday for new parts, but the sink still wouldn’t drain. So today I had the brain wave to buy an awesome sink plunger. It worked really well, my first plunge and I was covered in gunk and yuck from the overflow outlet, and I proceeded to get my clothes and most of the floor covered in a variety of coloured water. I plunged forever. The pipe is not blocked, but the water will still not draw away down the pipe! A more sensible person would call a plumber, but I believe there is a seal issue. Perhaps I’ll google it later! Then we can call a plumber!!!!