Manic Mondays By Michaela Weaver

Manic MondaysManic Mondays by Michaela Weaver

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Manic Mondays is a contemporary read. Catherine loved Mondays, she loved going back to work when most of the nation hated returning to work on a Monday. She loved being Managing Director of Marketing Matrix. But all that changed one Monday in August.

Husband and business partner James left Catherine and their baby daughter to shack up with the cleaner. At 36 years old he said he needed at break from them both. Shocked to the core Catherine runs away to the city. Alone and seriously depressed, each day is an uphill trudge.

Neighbour Grace has two young children and her own set of problems. Long- standing friend Steve reaches out a supporting arm when he’s not flying. But it’s Mike Stone who helps Catherine find a place at Dolly Daydreams Nursery for baby Maddy and then a part-time job at the University. He’d also like to get to know Catherine better, but she doesn’t want a relationship with a married man.

As the months pass Catherine builds her confidence and makes new friends. She buys a new house and gets a full-time job with a big marketing firm called Sirius, but James realises the mistake he’s made and wants her back. Should she go back to him? Maddy needs her Dad, or should she stay in her new home carrying on as a single Mum?

A great book about life as a single parent and the responsibilities it brings.

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