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Alison chose to read and review His To Posses by Delores Fossen from The HarlequinE Shivers Boxset volume 3

Harlequin E Shivers Box Set 3

His to Possess by Delores Fossen

When Olivia meets the enigmatic and handsome Lucian Wilde for the first time she feels that she knows him and also feels an overwhelming attraction for him. The feeling is mutual and the two realise they are being possessed by the souls of two lovers who have brought them together to help solve the mystery of their murder. Finding themselves in danger, they struggle to find answers, wondering if the attraction they have for each other is genuine or if it is simply a memory, an echo of the passion shared by Marissa and Damien.

This is a very clever idea for a modern gothic romance. The two main characters are likeable, particularly Olivia whose vulnerability is well-drawn without making her seem completely helpless, and adds a subtle yet strong edge to her character.

However, I did feel that the relationship between the two wasn’t developed enough – it all seemed a little too rushed. And, without spoiling the ending, the whole ‘reveal’ was over too quickly and conveniently – all the pieces put together in a rather hurried way, with Lucien simply telling Olivia all the information needed to fill in the gaps. After all that tension, it was a bit of a let-down. At times too, the writing was a little clunky, and there were lots of dialogue tags like mumbled, spat out, verified etc., that, once I started noticing them, became very distracting.

That said, ‘His to Possess’ is a good bit of escapism with enough tension and heat to keep you turning the pages.

On the whole a good read – 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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The Devil’s Eye by Dawn Brown

The Devil's EyeThe Devil’s Eye by Dawn Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Brynn James arrives on the Island of Angelsey off the coast of North Wales, she has come to find out about a family she only recently discovered. Invited by her half sister it’s a cold welcome she gets from the staff and her own father.

Stonecliff House is dark and imposing with secrets that send a shiver down your spine. A sinister shadow comes into Brynn’s room at night and there is an evil force in the grounds of the house.

Detective Harding is desperate to pin murders and missing people on to Brynn’s half sister Eleri. Certainly the pile of evidence points in her direction. He’s even planted a spy in the form of Reece Conway on to the scene to catch Eleri in the act.

In good Harlequin style passion between the characters ignites while a culprit emerges with shocking evidence. There will be more to this tale in the next book, The Witch of Stonecliff.

I read this book originally as part of The Shivers boxset, it is now available as a single purchase.

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