The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

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Signing up for a course at the local Church hall meant different things to one set of ladies.”A Woman’s harvest of delight” meant offering advice for Gwen’s primulas. Kate was there because of a dare, Estelle was attending to discover her own problems, Reenie’s husband had suggested the course and Janet had been pushed in to the course by Gwen’s dominance. When Gwen discovered that it was in fact “An orgasm workshop” she left in disgust, but the others remained to embark on a wild journey not only to find their inner Goddess, but also to resolve their hidden fears. Follow this diverse group as they are led out of their comfort zones and on to a path of hilarious sexual discovery.
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Interestingly this book started out as a stage play. As a play, there were only 6 characters – Janet, Estelle, Reenie and Kate from the workshop, plus Jade the workshop leader and Ray, Janet’s husband/Estelle’s lover. So the story has undergone a lot of changes since then!

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