Guest authors Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch

Today my guests are Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch authors of yesterday’s book “Saving Our Pennys”. If you missed the book review here is a link to it.

Let’s find out more about them. Firstly Jeff.

Jeff Leitch

1) Where is your home town?
My home town is in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada – ironically only a half-block from where Roy and his wife Lorraine lived before they moved up to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.
2) How long have you been writing?
I have been an avid writer for over twenty years, mostly writing articles for local papers.  Saving Our Pennys is my first published work which was co-written with my great friend Roy Dimond.
3) Have you written other books in this genre?
No, but this type of book intrigues me for my future endeavours.  I really enjoy the ‘voice’ we have used in Saving Our Pennys.
4) How did you split the writing roles of these book?
After having the opportunity to work with Roy, we discussed over the course of that time the idea of this book.  It slowly evolved into a great story, but even with Roy’s move up to the Sunshine Coast we were not concerned with the collaborative efforts.  Over the course of a calendar year, like the four seasons of a school year, we wrote the story of Penny.  As each chapter was written and ideas flowed and merged we had essentially a “talking stick” between us.  Despite some initial rejections and letting the book ‘sit’ for a few years, we always knew this story would be told.  But honestly, I have to credit Roy giving the book its real push a few summers ago.  He breathed new life into Saving Our Pennys voice and the story absolutely soared.
5) What or who was the inspiration for this book?
Saving Our Pennys was written in honour of a student that Roy had the great fortune of working with.  As I worked with Roy, and in some of my initial teaching experiences, I noticed we had many similar concerns about those students who were simply disappearing from the school system.  This deeply concerned not only us, but many of our colleagues.  We used Penny as that student that needed to be heard from again.
6) Can you tell the readers about the “Words” that people carry as stones?
Yes, our story demonstrates to the reader that all words have weight.  These words are stones that we either choose to carry, or put down from our life’s backpack to move further down our road.  But the reader will soon realize that some stones are necessary to achieve balance.  But you will have to read Saving Our Pennys to see how this balance is achieved…
7) When did the teacher first step out of the fast lane? What did he do?
I think the best way to answer this is by asking ‘How does one become conscious?’  This is truly realized by the self-analysis of the power of intention.  A life must be seen to matter, to exist and to be important, but too often the fast lane takes us away from the magic of each day.  This particular teacher recognized the pain and made the conscious choice to understand why this pain is crucial to his life.
8) Would you say that too many of us on a roller coaster ride of life which we seem unable to get off?
Absolutely… just watching the faces in traffic, in coffee shops and diners, in schools, at work…  These people exist but so often they don’t realize their potential in their existence.  They have become robotic and live a life of reaction, without realizing that they are the catalysts of their own happiness.
9) How can a person take the first step towards “Living in the moment?”
I think ‘the first step’ is realized from the two earlier questions and the willingness to step out of the fast lane, to step off of the roller coaster of predictable highs and low.
10) A line from the book suggests that if we all live to be 100, we will be given 36 500 precious days. How many precious days of life have you lived and what has been your best moment so far?
I have to be careful how I answer this… I think if one recognizes the preciousness of tragedy in one’s life, and the power of those messages, then every day up until this point of my life I have lived.  Have I attained this?  I don’t believe I have found the magic in all lessons yet, but I believe I am moving in the right direction.  So I suppose my best moment… is right now.
Jeff added, ” a heartfelt thank you Rosie” Aww! You’re welcome.
Hoping that you are now really intrigued by this book and it’s authors let’s move on to Roy’s interview.
Roy Dimond
1) Where is your home town? 
Garden Bay, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a small village on the West coast where my wife and I live in a small log home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
2) How long have you been writing?
Over twenty years. I think my English teachers from High School would fall over if they knew that I was a professional writer.
3) Have you written other books in this genre?
No, this is my first work of non-fiction.
My first book is called, The Singing Bowl, a story of a Tibetan monk sent on a quest to find a book that has been lost to the world. I loved writing that story. It took 5 years to complete as the main protagonist travels the world. My second book is called, The Rubicon Effect. I have always wondered how the human species will react the day it is too late to reverse Global Climate Change. I was lucky, as one of the characters is a new Pope born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he wants to change the church. This was published before the real Pope was elected!
I have two other children’s books under contract and my agent is presently negotiating a deal with another publisher.
4) How did you split the writing roles of these book? 
Jeff and I worked well together. I think we both placed our egos aside and tried to be as honest and raw as we could in the telling of this story. We were both motivated because of all the unhappiness we have seen on our jobs. In co-authoring a book, I think both had to really listen to each other’s ideas and be brave enough to go down unseen roads. Jeff would come up with these great ideas and off the story would run down some avenue I had not even seen. It was fun to release the story a little bit and soon a third entity sort of formed that was not Jeff or I, but the story itself. It was a thoroughly grand experience, as it remains to this day.
5) What or who was the inspiration for this book? 
Well, the main inspiration was a student named Penny. She was a boisterous and happy child who, because of circumstances not of her making, plummeted into a dark and bad place. But with the help of others she worked her way up and back to the life she deserved.
6) Can you tell the readers about the “Words” that people carry as stones?
Great question, Rosie! This is such an important part of the book… words have meaning. That may sound trite, but it is a vital concept to grasp in the telling of this adventure.  Words can hurt worse than a knife and can help more than a stranger passing by and giving you money. They can weigh us down so we are lethargic, or inspire so we believe in ourselves. But Jeff and I wanted people to know that they have a choice which words to hold onto and which to let go. Words are like rocks and we can throw them at each other or share one we think is beautiful. It is just a simple choice.
7) When did the teacher first step out of the fast lane? What did he do?  
To me there is no one moment where he steps out and decides there is another way. It is a process and we can tell if our process is working for us by the things that we hold dear. What we value, what is important to us, these concepts tell us where we are on our road. I think once he realized there was another way, he began his process, and like all those who take, the other road, he found it hard, and entirely worthwhile.
8) Would you say that too many of us on a roller coaster ride of life which we seem unable to get off?
Very much like the inspiration for this book, Penny, we all find ourselves in circumstances not of our making. Because of our culture, we are all on that roller coaster. And I’m not sure at all that life is meant to be lived that way. Like Penny, we find ourselves in a culture not of our making, but one that just appeared, and now we have to deal with it. Some go to the bad, dark place, others just survive, and a few, who have eyes and use them, find another road, a better path.
9) How can a person take the first step towards “Living in the moment?” 
There are many roads to this “moment” but all start by having a need. Acknowledging that need, facing the dread, believing you deserve better. Then having the courage to take a deep breath and then do nothing. To let the moment come to you. To breath slowly and smile. We sometimes believe “the moment” is far away, but it isn’t. It’s right beside you as you read our book or contemplate this interview. The moment waits… but we have to slow ourselves and concentrate before we are one with it.  And we have to do that… everyday.
10) A line from the book suggests that if we all live to be 100, we will be given 36,500 precious days. How many precious days of life have you lived and what has been your best moment so far?
A very, very tough question Rosie. You make me stop and think.  If I can attain but a few precious moments in each day  then I will be a very happy man. My best moment so far, is, as always, this moment right now. Why? Because there is nothing else.
Thank you so much Rosie for your insightful questions. I and very grateful for your time and for you taking your moment and sharing it with me.
Saving Our Pennys
Find a copy here from or
So there you have it, got your taste buds tingling? Roy describes the book as non-fiction, but don’t be put off it can read like fiction, I loved the book, it inspired me. After I’d finished reading it I went out for a walk in the fresh air and sunlight just to let it all sink in and to live in the moment. It made me think about my Year of Good Deeds challenge, I’m way over 300 days of my 365 and this book made me realise why I was doing it. I have stepped off the roller coaster and am doing something I love and making a difference.
You can also read my reviews of Roy’s other books, The Singing Bowl and The Rubicon Effect here on the blog in the first half of May.

Good Deeds week September 8th – 14th

This project was inspired after I read “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Her book may make you laugh or make you cry, but the world would be a better place if we all tried to spread a little love through doing good deeds.

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

I began my own challenge to do at least 1 Good Deed everyday for a year on the day I started to read this book (April 16th). My eyes have been opened to opportunities that would have passed me by if I were not conscious of my desire to seek out a Good Deed. I keep a weekly diary of my challenge which I publish each Sunday here on the blog. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week;

September 8th – Heard about some break-ins to some garages around us on Saturday night, I let another friend know who lives on this estate and I went out and closed up a neighbours garage door, as I think she must be away and I fear her garage had been “Done”, she doesn’t usually leave the door ajar. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know if anything has been taken.

September 9th – I’m back with my morning of volunteering at a local school, I’m quite excited about the new children and the new teacher that I will be working with.

September 10th – It’s my God-daughter’s birthday today, so I indulged her in a voucher for a girly accessory store and took around some cakes for them all to enjoy.

September 11th – Walked in to town for the exercise and picked up some litter on route, sadly there was enough litter to fill a truck! Come on people PICK UP YOUR MESS!

September 12th – It’s been a funny old week so far, and it’s making me feel out of sorts. Still agreed to do a couple more book reviews for authors today. Put another book review on Amazon as a book reviewer, hopefully they’ve finished wiping reviews after their in-house clean up! So if you can send me a bit of virtual energy to help pick me up I’d be grateful.

September 13th – Was just trying to work out what Good Deed I could do today, when I saw the garden re-cycling bin men in my estate. When I got home I put out my neighbour’s garden bags (she’s away) and put her surplus in mine ready to be emptied.

September 14th- It’s always great to do something you love and get so much enjoyment from it, which is why I agreed to take on another book to review today. I’ve always loved books and reading, there is so much you can learn from a book or so much it can inspire you. It’s great when you find a book that gives you a buzzy feeling when you’ve finished reading it.

Good Deeds week 30th June – 6th July

Here we go on another week of Good Deeds, by now you know the drill and the introductory spiel, so I’ll skip on. If this is new to anyone all my weekly Good Deed posts can be found using the link from the home page on the blog.

Good deeds30th June – Have been over to Harula’s blog site to read her week of Good deeds, you can read them too Finished reading a new book and began another.

1st July – Another Monday morning volunteering at a local school, picked up litter on the way back to my car.

2nd July – Posted a new book review today, spotted a friend working on the till at the supermarket and joined the queue especially to speak to her whilst paying for my shopping. This evening we went to an art exhibition at school for all the work that the exam students had been doing over the past two years, there was a selection of work showing how talented they all are, we were pleased to support the show. Just helped out a friend by lending her daughter a pair of shorts for school sports day tomorrow.

3rd July – My gas boiler was due its annual service today, the engineer called to say he was 10 minutes away, 15 minutes later he wasn’t around, I could see a workers van pulled up in a distant car park, but no sign of an engineer. I thought he must be having trouble finding my house, so instead of waiting, I ventured out in search of my engineer. Found him wandering around rather lost, so rescued him and showed him where we lived so he could get on with the service quickly.

4th July – Not much today, sorted out a book review and sent off some e-mails to people thanking them for various matters.

5th July – Caught up with my Mum today. Had a cleaning and gardening blitz today, weeded a patch of shared pathway with a neighbours garden for a good deed. Felt good after I’d sorted the clutter, have a pile of books to pass to a friend and another ready for the charity shop.

6th July – Another beautiful day in paradise! Have been doing more de-cluttering and loaded my car up with items to give to others. Delivered a bag of books to one friend and stopped to catch up with all their news, dropped off clothes and more books to the charity collection bins at the supermarket. Was stopped on my way into the shop and asked to buy an extra item of grocery for the homeless in our area, so I picked up some juice along with the couple of items that I’d popped in for.

Hope all my readers have had a good week and have felt that they could do a Good Deed for someone else.

Meet “Hunky” Gunkey

Today I shall introduce to another character from my book “Talk of the Playground”, come and meet Mr Gunkey a teacher at Moortulk Primary School;

All of a sudden there is a turning of heads in almost unison as a tall, blond, young and incredibly good looking man appears with the Year 2 class. There is a collective simpering of females around the playground.

A male teacher at Moortulk? It was unheard of; Sophie dreaded to think how the poor man coped in the female dominated staff room. And how on earth did they persuade someone that good looking to come to this school? Sophie made a note to call him “Hunky Gunkey”; Oh! This should make for a very interesting school year! No one seemed in a rush to leave the playground now, they were all too busy ogling the poor man!

Mr Gunkey was such an attraction to the school that he was to get lots of attention from the mothers in the playground. He did manage to start up a school cricket club during his first year at Moortulk and he survived several first time experiences which encouraged him to stay on for a second year at the school which you will soon be able to read about in my second book “Talk of the Village School”.

Get the first book here;

Talk of the Playground - purple 1563

Meet Glenda Glossop

Whilst wading my way through a minefield of editing from which I am loosing the will to live, it occurred to me that I should be doing a lot more towards fulfilling my marketing plans.

So today I shall introduce you to one of my colourful characters from my first book “Talk of the Playground;

Glenda Glossop; short, dumpy, mousey hair, serious faced, cardigan loving, crock wearing, head of the playground gossip stood ready to pounce on anyone brave enough to look her in the eye! A martyr to motherhood, Glenda has 5 children which are at, or have left, Moortulk Primary, so she proclaims herself the rightful encyclopaedia of all things to do with the school. She has seen off three Head teachers and countless staff and helpers, no one dares question her claim that she is on first name terms with all the present teachers and staff and she regularly
offers the Headmistress her “Best advice”.

Glenda pops up through-out the book, she takes pride in the timing of her gossip, but at other times her ability to act kindly shines through. Glenda always gets the best seat at school events and she is like the secret police of the playground.

Come and meet Glenda and the rest of the staff, parents and children at Moortulk Primary School.

Talk of the Playground - purple 1563

Good Deeds June 16th – 22nd

Good deedsIt’s the start of another week of Good Deeds, if you are new to the post please check out my Good Deeds posts.  I’m trying to do at least one Good Deed a day for a year after I was inspired by Judith O’Reilley’s book.

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

June 16th – Father’s day today so a family day at home. Did manage a book review.

June 17th – A help at school morning, so that ticks the Good Deeds easily today, 5 more weeks until the summer holidays! It’s also my wedding anniversary, 18 years! I share it with a friend, so I sent her a best wishes e-mail. Found some money on the floor at the supermarket and popped it in the charity pot rather than my pocket.

June 18th – A really good blogging friend has just set up a publishing company! Offered to do a promotional post for her. Posted a book review.

June 19th – Passed on some of my rice and pasta that I won in a competition. Posted my piece on Horseshoe Publishing, the new company that my WordPress friend has set up.

June 20th – Picked up litter today with only a slight hesitation, this is still a hardship to me, I get embarrassed about doing it when I shouldn’t. Sent my daughter out with cookies when she went to her friend’s house.

June 21st – Today we have been organising some pick up times for Monday when I’m dropping off my daughter and a couple of others for a taster day at college. Took a little drive and got the best route sorted out for Monday morning. Went shopping with my daughter and had a spending splurge! Not really a good deed but it made us both Happy!

June 22nd – Well I’ve made it to the end of another week of Good Deeds. Today I visited my parents, gave a lady directions and put money in to the charity box at the hairdressers. I’m really behind with my book reading, the trouble is I often have several books on the go at once and I read them depending on my mood. I’ve got a educational book from a friend, I picked up a Reiki book at the book shop on Thursday, I’m reading a book for a September promotion and a few weeks ago I had a mad downloading session of free books all on self-help and motivation which I like to pick up when I need a boost in life.

Good Deeds June 2nd – June 8th

Good deedsWe’ve started the ball rolling! My new friend Harula has had two people say they will join us in this year of Good Deeds challenge which was inspired when I read ” A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. How about joining us?

June 2nd – My weekly catch up with fellow challenger Harula led me to reblog her post here on my blog to show everyone the amazing Good Deeds that she managed this week. I hope we can inspire more people to join us in this challenge.

June 3rd – Back to school this week and I can tick off my Good Deed today when I volunteer at the local school for an hour and a half. Am busy setting up book launches and drafts for the next issue of Fleet Life, plus trying to finish reading another book.

June 4th – Dropped round some sponsorship money for a friend who is going to run a “Race for Life” in a few weeks in aid of breast cancer. My friends daughter started running 3 or 4 years ago while her mum was dealing with the disease, now fully recovered my friend runs along side her daughter raising much needed funds for the charity. This year they have a good friend who is in a hospice whilst they run, please spend a moment sending support for anyone that you know who is suffering at this time.

June 5th – Finished reading another book and wrote reviews, drafted a new guest author post ready for Monday. Robyn will be telling us about herself and her book of memoirs.

June – 6th Bought raffle tickets sent home from the children’s school thus supporting a very local cause.

June – 7th Had a completely mad start to the day when I popped a load of washing on to wash only to realise that my son’s only pair of school trousers were spinning around getting very wet in the machine and he needed to be wearing them in 45 minutes. Frantically reprogrammed the machine to rinse and spin and agonised for 20 minutes until it released the door, shoved the trousers into the tumble dryer for a speed dry then ironed them with a hot iron, they were only slightly damp when we left for school, hey-ho! Helped a man pick up his shopping that he had dropped in the supermarket. Posted a popular book review and got lots of hits on my blog so I must be sharing the book with lots of people.

June – 8th A lovely sunny day today, I was able to take my reading out in to the garden and was surrounded by the birds and insects whilst I read. Nipped out to the shops and left a donation for a Diabetes charity at the supermarket.

Check out my fellow Good Deed challenger Harula and see what she’s been doing this week,

May 19th- 25th Week of Good Deeds

Good deedsContinuing my attempts to follow in greater footsteps, by completing one Good Deed a day for a year;

May 19th – Have spent most of my day at a sporting event with my oldest child. Managed to find and keep a parking space for a friend in a very full car park, and it was under a tree for some extra shade. Added money to my jam jar. Found myself a nice little space to sit and do some reading while the athletes all warmed up. Had to do a double check on my location when people descended on my position like sunbathers on a Spanish beach. Someone actually sat on the corner of my coat with me! Talk about invading my personal space.

May 20th – My morning volunteering at school, a shorter one today as a couple of the children were off school today. Bit of a scary moment when the teacher told me she’d had a dream about me having a third baby. I’m going to take that as symbolic because in the words of Mr Olivander the wand maker in Harry Potter a third baby would be “No, no definitely Not!” I love the two I’ve been blessed with and that’s plenty for me. Helped promote a new book launch with a post, tweet etc.

May 21st – Picked up litter on my way to the post box. Considering taking a bag with me when I go out next time because there was so much litter left lying around. Found some competitions and book giveaways for writers, readers and authors and spread the word.

May 22nd – In between providing a free taxi for my kids today I managed to fit in a trip to the opticians, spied some charity boxes in reception and made a donation to the Royal Air Force Benevolent fund. Sneaked in one more good deed, was able to give a friend a lift home. Looking forward to writing a post to promote a new community WordPress blog that a set of friends have launched today.

May 23rd – With the 2nd May Bank Holiday approaching I agreed to change the day I do next weeks work to fit in with the computer access and the wages run. Popped over to see the parents and made sure they were behaving themselves. Did I tell you that I won a whole years worth of rice and pasta the other day? It’s that Karma thingy working for all the cakes I’ve been baking and taking to friends. 64 packs of rice and pasta! I feel a pasta party coming on.

May 24th – Desperately searching for a Good Deed opportunity, did finish reading a book today and sent off the book review to the author. Found the review to be one of my biggest challenges yet, not sure if the author will think it worthy of a Good Deed! Popped in a teeny tiny piece of honest advice which I may get slated for, not everyone is happy to receive improvement suggestions. It’s the end of a gruelling week, it’s freezing cold and chucking it down with rain, I’m just not going to step outside and go in search of another deed today. I’ll strike a deal, I’ll double the amount of money that I add to my jam jar today, deal? Ok that’s 4 whole pence then! I’m so sad, perhaps it’s time for a glass of wine.

May 25th – All sorts today, finished reading a book ready to write a review, downloaded The Unicorn Girl by Melissa LeGette (who featured as my guest author yesterday) which is free this weekend. Provided afternoon tea for relatives and helped them take another step forward in the family quest for the 999 year lease documents (Taken out in 1783 by relatives), by composing and sending an e-mail on their behalf.

2012_0622 rose for rosie  wordpress


The Little Village School by Gervase Phinn

The Little Village SchoolThe Little Village School by Gervase Phinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve always been a huge fan of Gervase Phinn’s writing. He brings together lots of parts which I like such as; humour, English village life and the Yorkshire dialect. This book is a delightful tale of a tiny school on the verge of closure, a new Head Mistress is appointed and great changes are about to take place, but not everyone approves. New friends are made and some old wounds begin to close in this first book in the series.

View all my reviews

Inspired to try my own “Year of doing Good”

I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly, and because I’m known in some circles “As that Mad Blogger!” I thought I’d immediately start my own diary of good deeds. I’m under no illusions that it will be easy or that I’ll make it to the end, but here goes the only rule is that I can’t count helping my husband, daughter or son because I do things for them everyday as part of my wife and mother plan. (Unless I’m giving away a kidney or something!) Here is a link to my review of the book

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

16th April – Spoke kind words to a complete stranger in  M&S whilst we both walked round and round because of a shop refit where they’d moved everything. She probably thought I was completely bonkers! Promoted 5 other bloggers on my A to Z Challenge and visited 4 more leaving comments. Said a prayer for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombs.

17th April – Gave my 71-year-old mother 2 hours of my time for a chat and helped dig her garden. Visited 8 blogs and left comments.

18th April – Took a card and present around to my friend’s son and added a box of homemade cakes. Got involved with some work at home and left the visit a bit late. Dodged out in a thunderstorm and arrived with a slightly damp present, good job I’d put a lid over the cakes. Visited 5 bloggers today and left comments.

19th April – Tried all day to e-mail a friend and kept forgetting. Politely allowed other shoppers to go before me in a heaving supermarket, whilst my brain wanted to shout out “Get out of my way”.

20th April – Tea at my mother-in-laws, ( Always an endurance as I object to sharing my cakes with little furry rodents who’ve already tasted the goods) I took along cakes (guaranteed rodent free), emptied the dishwasher, cleared away the tea-things and refilled the dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher so the controls always baffle me, turned it on to the wrong setting, tried to change it and messed up the program, left mother-in-law to fix the mess. Went outside to do penance in her garden digging the vegetable plot for an hour. (Got a sore back and little thanks) Finally e-mailed that friend and visited another 8 bloggers today.

21st April – Gave directions to two lost strangers.(Hope it was the right place!) Dropped off a sports shirt to a friend for her son. Left a comment on Judith’s blog re my 5* review of her book which I posted on Goodreads and signed up for her blog.

22nd April – Have started my own collection in a jam jar (You’ll need to read her book to understand this) and added a 2 p coin everyday (don’t laugh! I’m starting small in case it bankrupts me and I can always give bigger amounts later) Today I helped out as a volunteer at a school for an hour and a half, then collected and delivered a large bag of potatoes for a friend. Not much else today as I also had to fit in 4 hours of work. Left comments on more than 5 blogs, just can’t remember them all.

school sign 04 - small

23rd April – A work day today, yet opportunities arose where I could do good deeds. Went out of my way to deliver a phone to my boss who had left it in the office (because I was fed up answering it for him!) Pulled aside for 2 cars to pass on a single track part of the road (thanked by the first driver and ignored by the second, but judging by the way the little old lady was hunched over the steering wheel hanging on for grim life, perhaps not waving to me was the safer option?) Went out of my way to take my post office needs to a small village shop, hoping my money will prevent them closing down.

24th April – Gave a donation to a Youth Cancer organisation which were collecting outside of the supermarket. Visited more bloggers and left comments.

25th April – Added to my charity jar the 10p I found whilst out on my travels. E-mailed a friend who is ill to cheer her up.

26th April – Donated to MacMillan collection whilst at the shops, took around dinner and buns to a great friend who helps me with some of my social networking.

27th April – Caught up with lots of commenting on other people’s blogs, still checking in with bloggers from my AtoZ Challenge.

28th April – Went to work on a Sunday! Just to drop off some work so that a colleague had a clear desk and a head start on Monday morning. Just a bit on fellow blogger interaction today.

29th April – An hour and a half at the local school as a volunteer helper, then back to the bloggers. Wrote a letter to a spritely elderly relative, who has a busier social life than me, to check in with her or more correctly to check on her whereabouts!

30th April – I’ve made it to the end of the month doing a good deed a day, that means readers that I’ve passed my own test and will now have to commit to carrying on. Busy with work and domestic chores today, spent too much time texting a friend when e-mailing would have been more sensible and easier to read because I make up my own texting abbreviations which baffle even me! Arrived to see the second half of my sons cricket match in freezing conditions and spent an hour chatting to a solitary Grandmother of the opposition, with one eye on the game, stopped her from being alone, not thinking she may have chosen that rather than have a complete stranger ramble on at her.

Good deeds

Come back each Sunday for a weekly update on my latest challenge.