Silence and Circumstance by Roy Dimond

Silence and CircumstanceSilence and Circumstance by Roy Dimond

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Silence and Circumstance is mystery set around the eleven days in December 1926 that Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared. Roy Dimond weaves a story around what could have happened in those eleven days when the world waited for answers. Told through the eyes of Charlotte Fisher, English governess to the Christie household, the tale begins with the arrival of a letter and a huge family row.

The Christie’s live in a house in Sunningdale, Berkshire. Agatha persuades “Carlo” as Charlotte is known, to travel to London on her behalf and attend an urgent meeting. When she returns home the household is empty and the police arrive to announce that Mrs Christie has gone missing.

With the help of many, many famous characters from the world of literature and art they begin a quest to find a missing diary. Mixed with this is Carlo’s introduction to various secret associations of modern artists and thinkers who are trying to bend the future of man towards enlightenment and insight. They warn of the dictators and tyrants of the world who wish to take over the free will of the people.

The style of the writing is a meandering, twisting and turning of the reader’s mind creating a great long mystery with its unravelling of clues and ultimate finale. I did have several issues with the language which hampered my enjoyment of the book, this was December 1926, England. I would have felt happier with handbags, not purses, gardens not yards, promenades not boardwalks, streets not blocks, streams not creeks, no Zebra crossings yet, it’s too cold in December for nearly all butterflies. We take milk more commonly with our tea not cream. I question trains running at midnight from London and taking until late afternoon to reach Sunningdale only a short distance away and we always spell “gray” with an “e” in England.

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Good Deeds Challenge Year 2, Week 50

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I am into my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

March 29th – Last night we changed our clocks and pushed them forward one hour, I do love the long summer days it brings. Visited my parents and helped change some awkward light bulbs for them. Had a late afternoon walk in the park, it’s very windy and there is plenty of litter.

March 30th – My morning at school. I’m reading Pattern of Shadows by Judith Barrow.

March 31st – The online versions of the magazines that I write reviews for are out today for the April editions, so I’ve been promoting them for the authors whose books I have included. It’s still very windy, didn’t stop me walking found plenty of litter to pick up. I’ve read and reviewed 22 books this month.

April 1st – The great April AtoZ Challenge got off to a flying start today. I’m visiting and commenting of loads of other challenge bloggers and sharing their posts to Twitter. Began reading Silence and Circumstance by Roy Dimond.

April 2nd – Day 2 of the April blogging challenge. Had my lunchtime walk and picked up litter.

April 3rd – Reading We Go Again by Michael Cargill. It’s Good Friday and we have the in-laws coming over for tea. A quick walk and litter pick between the showers.

April 4th – Have begun reading The War before Mine by Caroline Ross. Day 4 of the April A to Z and have been off visiting and sharing many, many posts.

Rosie’s Avid Readers #RBRT The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond

Rosie’s Avid readers are people who like reading and have a book to tell us about, they are the voice of a friend who says ” I just read this book….”

Today’s book on the Avid reader theme has previously been read and reviewed by me as an e-book. I really enjoyed the book, connecting with it in a big way and I wanted to share my experience with some of my regular avid readers who prefer a paperback, so I bought a copy to share with others.

Rosie's Avid Readers

The Singing Bowl was also featured on Day 3 of our Mystery November Tour

The Singing Bowl - Roy Dimond

The Singing Bowl – Roy Dimond

The Singing Bowl   by Roy Dimond. Avid Reader’s thoughts


The tale of a Monk who travels from Tibet to British Columbia via Pakistan Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt & Santorini to name but a few. His preferred method of travel is on foot, while he goes in search of a Long Lost Book.  What is that book? There is a mystery in the book and where it will be found. Our Monk searches over many years failing to find anything material but what is found is the very meaningful way love, peace & understanding can be found between all races & religions. Through-out the years of travel there is meditation & even very deep meditation sometimes in groups often looking back & forth in time. An extremely readable & thought provoking book of travel, adventure and mind searching.

Book Description

A Tibetan monk embarks on a journey of a lifetime, filled with harrowing dangers and strange mysteries. His quest is to find a lost book and save an ancient way of life. Under attack from Chinese Communists, a monk traveling the wilds of Tibet is given a daunting task – to bring a way of life back from the brink. That’s the spellbinding journey revealed in Roy Dimond’s new, action-packed adventure tale. Given an ancient artifact from his monastery, the sacred Singing Bowl, the young monk heads out on a trek to find a lost book and reunite a broken circle to keep his centuries-old civilization alive. Join the intrepid monk as he: # Finds the love of his life in exotic Katmandu. # Links up in Egypt with the Old Woman of Alexandria. # Meets the strange Mexican Carlos at the wondrous Machu Picchu. # Encounters a wise student of Mahatma Gandhi called the Librarian. # Learns the precious secrets of the Navajo Indians. # Meets Albert Einstein’s boyhood friend. And lives many more incredible adventures in The Singing Bowl, a riveting new book in which the traveling monk and all of us learn that the true meaning of any quest is wrapped within the experience itself.

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Mystery Book Tour Day 3 #MysteryNovember The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond


November Mystery Tour

Please welcome Roy Dimond to the mystery book tour with his book The Singing Bowl



Where is your hometown? 

Garden Bay, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a small fishing village on the west coast, a lovely little harbor with wonderful people.

How long have you been writing?  

About 12 years. I started decades earlier, but just wasn’t ready. I think writers mature very much like a fine wine… or maybe that should read writers mature only after drinking many a fine wine?

Tell us about the start of The Singing Bowl and what the main character must search for.  

The Singing Bowl begins in Tibet just after the communist Chinese have taken over. The story is set in a remote village called Sakya where the monastery is being disbanded. Each follower is given an artifact from the monastery as well as a quest. The main character is given the most important artifact, a singing bowl, and is told to, “Find a book lost to the world.”

What are the elements of mystery in the book?  

Like all good mysteries, the protagonist, a monk, is sent on a journey of discovery. Over time, he learns that his quest to find a lost book is very much like a Japanese koan. It is more about the journey than it is about finding a solution. In his travels through bookstores and such mystical places as the Khyber Pass, Samarkand, Nag Hammadi, and Machu Picchu he discovers that it is really about the people he meets along the way. The Sufi, The Old Woman of Alexandria, The Librarian, The Raven Haired Woman and many others are just some of the intriguing characters that he learns from as he travels the world.

Where is the first main city that the Monk travels to? Who does he meet there?    

Katmandu in Nepal, where he meets the love of his life, Dorje, a mysterious woman wise beyond her years. As well as Little Brother, a behemoth of a man whose appetite is only surpassed by his kindness. It is here where he realizes Chinese agents, minions of chaos, follow him and mean to stop him from fulfilling his quest.

The monk travels to 3 parts of the world, what are they?  

The Ancient World… where his travels take him from Sakya to Katmandu, to Peshawar, to the Kara-Kum Desert, to Istanbul and many other fascinating places. The Old World… where his quest continues to Vienna, Interlaken, Florence and Berlin just to name a few. Then finally the New World… where he looks for the book lost to the world in such places as Arequipa, Ixtlan, Las Vegas, and Vancouver.

What type of establishments does he search to find the lost book?  

His journey takes him from the most common and quaint bookstores in the world to some of the finest universities ever created. From bookstores owned by the Medici family to ruins shown to him by Carlos Castaneda, where secret tunnels and caves reveal clues to solving his mystery.

How does the monk travel without a passport?

Tell us some of the ways he crosses borders.   In the Ancient World, borders between states are somewhat fluid. Along the Hindu Kush, Pamir Plateau, and Silk Road even today, people cross borders without even realizing they have. In the Old and New World where borders are fixed, he has many who will secretly help him, including other monks disbanded from his old monastery in Sakya. Still more characters come to his aid, people who travel often between Mexico and America, others using old dilapidated bi-planes from another time who can find valleys and old goat trails to follow so that, so called, secure borders are easily circumvented.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.  

My second book, The Rubicon Effect as well as my third book, Saving Our Pennys co authored with Jeff Leitch are both out in bookstores. I have a children’s illustrated book co authored with award winning writer David Ward called, Emma and the Big Bowl of Nonsense which should be out before Christmas and my new publisher, Untreed Reads is launching my novel, Silence and Circumstance this coming January. It is a novel about the eleven days that Agatha Christie went missing as told from the perspective of her Governess.

Where can readers find out more about you?  

Roy Dimond

Roy Dimond

Thank you Rosie for this opportunity. Great questions. My books are in all the regular places, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., as well as many brick and mortar stores. This site below shares many of my interviews, promotional videos, and hopefully some interesting information about me. Again, Rosie, thank you so much for your time…

Find a copy of The Singing Bowl from or

I reviewed this book a while ago here is a link to my review

Fantastic offer: This book will be available for e-readers at $1.99 direct from the publishers only 11/3-8/14 (3rd -8th November)

Here’s a link to the publisher’s ebooks on their site:

Good Deeds Challenge – Year 2, Week 17

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I an into my second year.

New Good DeedsDuring my week I’ll also being updating you on My Kindness Challenge which I’m also doing. I read about a new challenge to make the world a better place to live in. “Speak Kind Words, Receive Kind Echoes” see the inspiration on  The Kindness blog . During my learning process I’m donating money to charity for my slip-ups to make me work harder to achieve results. I earn no money from any of my book reviews, so having little to spare should focus my mind.

This week I’ve been doing the following;

August 10th – Have been drafting up Romancing September posts, and a book review post. Had a lovely chat to the student who served me at the supermarket till about his new course he’ll soon be starting at University, made time to be interested in what he had to say.

August 11th – I’ve been spending my Amazon vouchers on books! Some for me and others to share with family and friends. I’ve read some great books in e-format which I would like to share with others, so today I bought Saving our Pennys and The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond in paperback. I’m also looking forward to re-reading them. Both books really impressed me and got me thinking about life and I wanted to share them with others.

Augustt 12th – It’s been a hard day today, I posted my 3* review of a book for an author who took offence, ( 3* stars! I said there were parts I liked! Get a reality check) I have already put up with a rude e-mail and he has added a vile comment on Goodreads to my review. He posted a equally bullying comment on my blog which I removed. My review stays because I will not bow down to an author who behaves this badly. My book review policy clearly states “I’ll never try to degrade an author or their hard work, but we all have our own tastes, so please RESPECT MINE. Should you dislike my review, then we will have to agree to disagree. Any further ranting about it especially on any of my social sites will not help your cause.” Not clear enough for some people it would seem. The kindness challenge has gone out of the window today and the charity box is firmly closed, I will not pay out my money in this  situation, sorry, I will try harder tomorrow.

Good Deeds received ; Thank you everyone for you support at this trying time.

I’m pleased to say it hasn’t put me off reviewing, I have sent of a review for a lovely YA book Spirit Warriors; The Scarring by Della Connor. As you know I do like a book that has a bit of ghosts and spiritual connections, so this book was right up my street. I have also taken on 3 more books for review today.

August 13th – I’ve bought another book today, my Amazon vouchers have nearly all gone! Isn’t it a lovely feeling to just splurge sometimes? Today I bought How I Changed My Life In A Year by Shelley Wilson . Helped author Charles Yallowitz spread news of his book tour for his latest book The Compass Key I’ve signed up for a day and e-mailed a few others to ask if they can help out. Added a new book to the book review team list, this one is a little different and proceeds will go to those living on the streets. Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People by Dennis Cardiff

Good deeds received: An apology from the author who had his temper tantrum of my 3* review.

August 14th – Have nearly finished all 30 drafts for the Romancing September Tour. Downloaded a free book from Author Rae Rivers who will be one of our guests on the tour, a quick prequel to her series, The Keepers: Sienna. Sent my youngest child out on a play date with chocolate cakes to share.

August 15th – A couple of friends birthdays today so we are off to deliver presents and best wishes. Wished another friends son good luck with his driving theory test tomorrow. My oldest is learning to drive too and so are many of her friends, its all the next step in growing up. A bit scary though, sitting in the passenger seat and not being in control of the car while she learns.

August 16th – Started a good tidy up of the house and garden, to help reflect the need to tidy up my life. Started reading Patriot by A.S Bond ready for a book review. Drafted up a couple more posts for later in the month.


August Editions of Fleet Life and Elvetham Heath Directory

I am lucky enough to write book reviews for 2 local magazines, for which I receive no monetary compensation. Approximately 7000 paper editions go out locally and both magazine have on-line versions too.

The August Edition of Fleet Life can be found at Click on the on-line directory, then find my reviews on page 6.

August Fleet Life

This month the following books have been reviewed;

A Woman’s Choice by Annie Thomas

Fallen For Rock, by Nicky Wells,

The Rubicon Effect by Roy Dimond,

Some People Prefer Hotels, Motorhome Novices Tour Cornwall by Nigel R Hicks

and Irish Inheritance by Paula Martin.

The Elvetham Heath Directory has the following books. Go to, click on the on-line directory and turn to page 6 as well.

August EHD

Suppose by Kathy Steinemann

Reborn by Cherie Reich

Gypsy by Cynthia Harrison

A Gunman’s Destiny by Randy Mixter

and A Change of Heart by Adrienne Vaughan.

Really fab to hear back from authors when my reviews get them sales, thanks Cherie.

Good Deeds Challenge Year 2, Week 11

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year.

New Good DeedsDuring my week I’ll also being updating you on My Kindness Challenge which I’m also doing. I read about a new challenge to make the world a better place to live in. “Speak Kind Words, Receive Kind Echoes” see the inspiration on  The Kindness blog . During my learning process I’m donating money to charity for my slip-ups to make me work harder to achieve results. I earn no money from any of my book reviews, so having little to spare should focus my mind.

This week I’ve been doing the following;

June 29th – Just sorting out the book and readers for the challenge as we head to the last day of posts. Trying to get at least one reader for every book.

June 30th – My morning helping at school, and a final push for the book review challenge. Posting out lists of readers to authors.

July 1st – So just when you thought you could pause for breath, I thought I’d launch a Book Review Team to help authors reach a wider audience. A relaxed team, free of charge to join with the importance being writing and posting those reviews. For more details click on the rose widget on my sidebar. Just sorting out finer details now but we already have lots of interest from both authors and readers.

Online issues of Fleet Life and Elvetham Heath Directory went out today.

Here are the featured books;

Business As Usual by E. L. Lindley

Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler

Derek’s In Trouble by Mac Black

Secrets of The Unaltered by Leti Del Mar

and  The Hollow Heart by Adrienne Vaughan 

The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond

Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert

Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

The Manila Strangler by Steven Donahue

and An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns

July 2nd – Book reviews are coming in from readers who took up my book review challenge already, there are some speedy readers out there. I’m posting them on my blog as they come in. Went over to my Mum’s and fed her 3 week old chicks at lunchtime as they were out. Was chief navigator and tour guide to friends as we went out to a countryside pub for a meal. Put an extra tip in the restaurant bill to cover any trip ups in my Kindness challenge.

July 3rd – Dashed to the supermarket to do the weekly shop, picked up litter in the car park and bought some cereal to go in their Charity Food Bank collection. Just about to launch the first Rosie’s Book Review Team booklist.

A long evening walk and more litter picking.

July 4th – The first book review from my new Book Review Team has come in already, I will be posting Dani’s Review today as you are reading this (Sunday). Back to Friday, went out for a walk to check out a closed footpath and picked up litter along the way.

July 5th – Added another book to the Book Review Teams’ list. Any one who would like to join can check out the link I’m in a whirl wind of admin collating books, book reviews, guest author pieces, adding books to the Book Review Team list and reviewers to another. I’m sending book review requests to authors and drafting up lots of book review posts. It all seems really popular to thank you everyone for all your support.

Sent out details of children’s books I’ve read to a student who is looking to do a project on children’s books over the summer.


July Issues Of Fleet Life And Elvetham Heath Directory – Book Reviews

It’s that time of month again when my book reviews are published in the two magazines that I write for. This month’s Fleet Life has my reviews on Page 6. For an on-line version go to click on the online directory and once its loaded turn to page 6.

Here are the featured books;

Fleet Life July

Business As Usual by E. L. Lindley

Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler

Derek’s In Trouble by Mac Black

Secrets of The Unaltered by Leti Del Mar

and  The Hollow Heart by Adrienne Vaughan 

For The Elvetham Heath Directory go to click on the online directory and once it has loaded turn to page 6.

July Ehd

Here are the featured books;

The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond

Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert

Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

The Manila Strangler by Steven Donahue

and An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns


The Rubicon Effect by Roy Dimond

The Rubicon EffectThe Rubicon Effect by Roy Dimond

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book I have recently read by Roy Dimond and I am really impressed with the way he gets really important messages about our human life across to the reader. He makes you think about your life and how you are living it.

The Rubicon Effect deals with how the way we live our lives is damaging the planet and endangering the future for our children. A Rubicon means a situation where there is no turning back from. Originally written several years ago, there are surprisingly similar events described in the book that have come to real life fruition. For instance Roy has a character Pope Agapetus III a Pope born in South America who is called a Papal reformer. This character echoes values that the current Pope Francis believes in.

The fate of the World lies with the people and the choices they ultimately make. Sam Albright is a scientist and environmentalist, he’s spent years fighting against global warming. Coming up against forces in Governments and the oil industry whose only belief is power and profit. The book deals with the race for the next American Presidency, again with some astonishing similarities to real life situations.

How many of us are fed up with politics? Lethargic about voting? And are demoralised by the endless paperwork shuffling by bureaucrats who spend our taxes without our say? What will it take to make us change our ways? The characters in the Rubicon Effect call for a Grounds Up Revolution, returning the power to the people. They vow to stop the World from being ruled by fear and negativity and turn it around to a World of hope, hope for the future. Now I think that’s not a bad idea for the real World that we live it today.

Read one of Roy’s books today and open your mind to change.

Check out the book trailer on YouTube

Find a copy on or Amazon .com

View all my reviews on Goodreads.

The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond

The Singing BowlThe Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Singing Bowl is an epic journey for mankind. It follows a Tibetan Monk as he searches the World for answers to a mystery and a long lost book. Forced to flee from invading Chinese Communists the monk is one of a religious group called The Gatherers, he begins by running for his life from Tibet and walking over the mountains to Nepal.

There are many people who will help and teach the monk along his journey and the author uses few names, instead he gives them identities which help form a distinct picture in the mind of the reader. For instance “The Wise Woman of Alexandria”, “The Nomad” and “Wife of Big Brother”. There are some wonderful characters and many have starring roles in the journey of the monk. He travels through The Ancient World, The Old World and The New World and in each world he has a lesson to learn from the people who make up that place.

The people he meets are also from all religions and they show their generosity when they help him and share their homes and food with him. He meets some of his fellow Gatherers who are on their own journeys and interacts with them before they each move on. It’s not all easy, the Communists search for the monk and want to stop and destroy him because of what he represents. Many times his life is at risk and he escapes because of some faithful friends.

I didn’t want the book to end although the Monk’s mystery was solved. My favourite part of the journey was from the Ancient World, I thought I was learning as much as the monk. I wanted to search the dusty book shops and sit for hours pouring over long lost books. I wanted to race through the book, not putting it down, but I also wanted to sit back and reflect on some of the parts that I had read, it really made me think about our World and if you choose to read this book I hope it makes you think as well.

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